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Deborah Sofia - Experience

Deborah S Montalvo

Career Objective: I seek to hold a position at a reputable marketing company working as an Account Coordinator or Tour Manager.

Robert Morris College Chicago, IL
Degree in Graphic Design June 2000

Tour Staff
At&t: August 28, 2006-September 18, 2006 (Aspen)
Flying in and out of market making At&t sales; dish, internet, home phone, cell phones. 4 hour setup with trusses, electronics(tvs, computers), tents and more. Expense reports, hotel booking. Working state fairs, home shows and more.

Tour Manager Positions
Verizon: Bi-lingual Tour Manager for Latin market March 27, 2006-July 5, 2006 (Marketing Werks)
Traveling the West coast, driving a wrapped suburban pulling a branded trailer, attending concerts and festivals, daily Guerilla. 1 hour setup of vehicle, soccer goal, tent, kiosks, sound system, butterfly wings, etc..Emcee, product specialist, managing staff, Lead Generator. Daily Event Recaps, Booking hotels, Expense reports, Order and maintaining premiums, Car and trailer up keep and maintenance. Encouraging adults to use the phones and the children to play our soccer goal game while educating all on Vcast and Verizon Wireless services.

Field Coordinator Positions
Cottonelle: Field Coordinator July-August, 2005 Indianapolis Market. (GMR Live)
Families and Children marketed. County Fairs and State Fair and other fairs in Indiana. Set up and tear down including tent, inflatable, Fence, table, karaoke and television. During event encouraged children and families to sing and stuff puppies as well as take photos which are later posted on website, also acted as Emcee. Filled out online timesheets and expense reports, traveled out of town had to book hotel for overnight stays. Train and supervise temp staff.

Management Positions
Godiva: Event/Staff Manager November 16-17, 2006 Orland Park IL (RevolutionMarketing)

Delta Apparel: Field Manager July 30, 2006 Indianapolis, IN (Octagon)
Took photos of golfers, parents and consumers at a youth golf tournament.

Nike+: Field Manager July 13, 2006 Greenwood, IN (MME)
Accepted computer, Ipod Nano and other supplies at home for event. Provided and managed BA for event day. Demonstrated shoe and product, as well as signed up consumers to win shoe package and drew the winner same day. Took event photos, Recaps, returned computer and equipment back to company at completion of event.

Chase: Staffing Event Coordinator/ On Site Manager June 14-19. Chicago, IL.
(Blue Nile Staffing) Puerto Rican Festival. Staffed a 6 day bi-lingual event with 11 staff. Duties included; Making sure everyone was trained prior to event, knew their schedules and meeting locations, called staff daily to make sure they were being productive, corresponded with onsite manager to ensure event ran smoothly, attended final day of event to close out event, ensure proper payment of staff.

Alaska Salmon: Onsite Food Sanitation Manager May 15, 2005. Chicago, IL.
(Broad Based Promotions) Spanish festival. Purchased ingredients and prepared salmon dip to distribute as samples. Ran a gaming wheel station, organizing lines and giving away premiums. Bilingual event.

New Balance: Manager April 3-4, 2005. Indianapolis, IN. (MME)
Guerilla Marketing. Scouted locations for event. Received all event materials, checked in and out talent. Administered breaks and designated Gorilla marketing strategies and location for a team of 6, Took event photos and handled event recap

Wal-Mart: Manager April 2, 2005. Fishers, IN. (Muse Productions)
In store Demo. Managed a team of 3 Received all event materials. Set up display at retail event. Corresponded with store manager and staff to ensure a productive event. Handled event recap forms and mailed back excess materials.

Cingular: Team Lead April 20-24, 2005 Indianapolis, IN (MME)
Star Wars III Celebration. Photos, Wore Live bar, With a PDA registered people for a chance to win a car, downloaded graphics and ring tones for consumers. Educated people on Cingular phones.

Castrol Oil: Team Lead August 28-29, 2004. Chicago.
VIVA Latin music festival. Set up and Tear down of inflatable, Tent. Checked in all talent, delegated tasks, administered breaks, took event photos, created event recaps, handled shipment of event materials and all other tasks required to ensuring a productive and exciting promotion.

Car Promos
GM/Cadillac: Chicago, IL January 15, 2006 (8 days a week)
Bears playoff game. Picked up cars and drove them to site. Set up display and generated lead cards.

Cadillac/GQ: October 23- November 18, 2005 Chicago, IL (Kandu Marketing)
W Hotels. Driver. Provided guests with complimentary shuttles to and from hotels. Handled general upkeep of DTS’s and Escalades. Occasionally worked concierge desk taking appointments and making guests aware of the Cadillac GQ program.

Cadillac: Brand Ambassador September 6-11, 2005 Carmel, Indiana. (GC Marketing)
Women’s Golf Tournament.

Buick: Sampler June 24, 2005. Noblesville, IN (Promosythesis)
Passed out flyers about the car contest to movie theatre patrons as they exited.

Pontiac G6: Product Specialist/ Guerilla marketing December 30, 2004-January 4, 2005.
(Ignition) Miami, FL Drove cars to suggested spots where events were taking place and parked vehicle. We then opened doors and encouraged people to sit in cars as we informed them on car features. Generated lead cards and passed out POS items.

Cadillac STS: Product Specialist/Brand Ambassador Sept.9-Nov .22, 2004.
(Kandu Marketing) 5 weeks in Chicago, IL and 5 weeks in Miami, FL. Picked up Cadillac STS's from the dealer and drove them to home base where we later used them to chauffeur hotel guests to desired locations. I also drove Blitz's and set up tech displays, sound systems, Flat screen t.v, Tables, etc.. in different areas and venues to generate curiosity and edutain people on the new 2005 cars. Also generated Lead cards.

Toyota: Guerilla Marketing/Promoting September 8-11, 2004. Chicago. Dressed as meter maids we hit all the "hot" spots of Chicago and "cold called" them. We stopped them with our whistles and gave them citations for fun. Passing out flyers and generating excitement over event.

Toyota: Lead Generator June 26, 2004. Chicago, IL. Combed the beach for signatures for a free magazine and Toyota information.

Mall Programs

Suave: Chicagoland Malls. December 2006 (Type A and GMR) Spreading holiday cheer by handing out samples of Suave samples and shopping bags.

Nintendo Wii: Aurora, IL December 2006-January 2007 (U.S. Concepts) Inviting consumers to play the games and promoting the game system.

Liquor Tastings

Dos XX: Chicago, IL December 8, 15, 22, 2006 Off Premise liquor tastings. (Allterain)

Heineken: Chicago, IL November 17, 2006 Ongoing (Allterain) Bond Screening and Heineken Party.

Level: Chicago, IL November 9, 2006 (Bobbie Marie Models) Bar Grand Opening sponsored by Level Vodka.

Stella Artoios: Chicago..Clarendon Hills, Elmhurst IL Ongoing 2006 (Total Talent)
Beer tastings at Jewel stores.

Cuervo: Berwyn, IL March 18, 2006 (US Concepts) On premise liquor promo. Shot girl.

Baileys: Chicago, IL. March 17, 2006 (US Concepts) Off Premise On site manager and Sampler

Diageo Liquors: Chicago, IL December 2005 (US Concepts)
Worked off premise events promoting various liquors. Dulceda, Cuervo Black.

Alize: Liquor Sampler March 18, 2005. Chicago, IL.(Momentum)
On Premise Liquor promo. Night Clubs and bars. Sampled out Alize, premiums and took photos.

Alize Blue: Liquor Sampler August 1, 9, 11, 20, 2004. Chicago.(Momentum)
Clubs and Bars. On Premise liquor promo. Promoted Alize Blue and Red by offering free drinks, passing out promo. items and talking to guests about the cognac.

Canadian Whiskey: Oct. 10 12, 2003 in Rockford, IL.(Dajon) Duties included setting up stand at a storage facility, which was the secret location of a radio game. When people "found" me I would explain the contest and sign them up

Beverage Sampling

Silk Soy: Chicago, IL October 22, 2006 (GMR) Chicago Marathon. Passed out bottles of Silk Soy milk.

Diet Dc Pepper: Miami, Fl. Feb 14, 2006 (GTB) Guerilla Sampler.

Simon D Tour: Sampler September 17, 2005 Noblesville, IN (Promosynthesis)
Sampled Coke with lime. Target Market was pre-teens and teens

Coke O: Sampler June 25, 2005 Noblesville, IN (ProductionPlus)
Concert at Verizon Center. Sampled out soft drink, Coke O to concert attendees as they exited.

American Idol/Coke Tour: Sampler April 30, 2005. Greenwood IN. Helped MC front stage handing out premiums and playing games with audience. Worked sample table passing out free samples of Coke with lime and entered people into contest.

Diet Dr. Pepper: Sampler March 05, 2005. (MME)
Bloomington, IN Worked the display at a mall where we scanned soft drink cans for prizes or makeovers. Also provided virtual makeovers.

Powerade: Event Coordinator Sept. 26-28, 2003. Aurora, IL.
A 4 day event at the NHRA drag races. My duties included greeting guests and inviting them to play our games. I ran different games and passed out Powerade promotional items.

In Store Demo
Dove: Sampler July 8, 2004 Chicago, IL. (8 days a week)
In Store Demo. Set up table in store. Passed out ice cream samples.

Cell Phone Promos
Verizon: Miami Fl Month of Feb 2006 (Marketing Werks)
Brand Ambassador. Worked in Verizon stores educating and demoing phones and their features.

Cingular Wireless: Brand Ambassador December 8-11, 2004.
Miami, FL. Alejandro Fernandez concert. Passed out free tickets, posters and cd's at Dolphin mall. Also wore a ‘live bar’ display and encouraged people to make free calls.

Kyocera: Brand Ambassador/Sampler Sept. 27-28, 2004. (Active marketing)
Chicago. Train stations downtown Chicago. Passed out free mints and coffee to commuters at the EL. Demonstrated new phone.

Trade Shows/ Conventions/ Car Shows

Gol Tv: Indianapolis, IN January 11-13, 2007 Coaches Soccer Convention, Indianapolis Convention Center. Greeting guests and inviting them to sign up for a drawing, play trivia as well as educating them on Gol TV.

Glaxo Smith-Kline: Chicago, IL. Feb 24-26, 2006 Dental Show, McCormick Place. Greeter, interviewer.

GE: Radiology Convention: November 27-29, 2005 Chicago. Costume character. Acting animated, dancing, attracting attention to branded inflatable

Aztec Eagle: October 15-16, 2005 Chicago, IL McCormick Place Low-rider show, Wore Aztec costume. Took pictures with people and promoted Aztec Eagle clothing and items.

Experiential Marketing Summit: Greeter/Data Entry April 18-19, 2005 Chicago, IL. (Encore Nationwide) Registered those attending the seminar. Printed out badges and directed traffic to their perspective rooms for conferences, lunches, etc

Auto Show: Credit Card Application February 16 and 18, 2005. Chicago, IL
(Elite Marketing) Worked with Citibank and Shell to sign up new credit/gas card members.

Other Positions

Bank of America: Orland Park, IL December 2, 9, 16, 2006 (GMR) Canvassing the area to promote an instant win game taking place in the bank. Also encouraging consumers to open new accounts by promoting special offers and account information.

Tucson Tourism Board: Chicago, IL December 3, 2006 (Hot Iron) Promoting Tucson by inviting game goers to enjoy free hot chocolate and passing out swag.

Levi's: Indiana State Fair Indianapolis, IN (EMG3) August 10-13, 2006
Greeting fair goers. Scanning their bodies in the Intellifit machine to get their real size.

Allstate 400: Indianapolis, IN August 6, 2006 (Productions Plus)
Brand Ambassador. Signed people up for contest.

Lever: Indianapolis US Tennis Open. July 16, 19, 20 and 21, 2006 (Octogon)
Running scratch and win game and making consumers aware of the new product merger with Vaseline lotion.

Guess: Aurora, IL. March 25, 2006. (Lucky 415)
Spring Break promo. Greeter, Clothing model.

GodFather Orange promo: Chicago, IL March 21, 2006. (Sugar Comm) Clean up crew. Went around town and cleaned up oranges strategically placed by an earlier crew to promote the new Godfather movie.

Mc Donald’s: Chicago, IL. March 12, 17-18, 28. (Margie Korshack) Brand Ambassador for Mc Donald’s new Premium roast coffee. Sampling coffee, occasionally wore jetpack.

Jockey: March 16, 2006. Chicago, IL.(Red Peg) Sampling out men’s under garments. Worked with Yoga demonstrators.

Bank of America; Chicago, IL, 2006 March-May 2006. Brand Ambassador (GMR)

Quaker: Chicago, IL March 6-15, 2006 (Attack) Sampler, guerilla.

Doublemint: Chicago, IL March 1, 2006 Brand Ambassador.(GMR)
Passed out teaser cards, downtown Chicago.

WWE: Miami Florida. Jan 28, 2006 (Attack)
Ran photo and video station. Greeting guests.

Mexico Board of Tourism. Chicago, IL 7 days in December 2005. Interacting with other models in a glass truck. In a beach scene wearing beach wear.

Airborne: Chicago, IL. December 12, 13 and 15, 2005

Habbo Hotel: Chicago IL. December 12, 2005 (Type A Personalities)
Lincoln Park Zoo lights Passed out Premiums and took event photos for client.

Disney: November 12-13, 2005 Chicago, IL (8 Days a week)
Guerilla. Passed out Disney activity books, targeting, parents and children.

Target/MCA: October 25, 2005 Chicago, IL Passed out premiums promoting Free Tuesdays at the MCA sponsored by target.

Simon D Tour: Sampler September 17, 2005 Noblesville, IN Sampled Coke with lime. Target Market was pre-teens and teens.

Discovery: Greeter August 20-21, 2005 Indiana State Fair. Health Tour.

Bloomingdales: Guerilla Marketing March 18, 2005. Chicago, IL Guerrilla Marketing. Promoted Bloomingdale sale at college campuses by fliering.

Lean Cuisine: Sampler February 10, 2005. Chicago, IL spread out through the city. Passing out coupons and educating consumers on the new product.

Biggest Loser Casting: Casting Assistant January 2-4, 2005. Indianapolis, IN. Casting assistant. Greeted auditioners directing them to casting directors. Keeping a line, forming the groups together and providing applications if needed and answering questions. Recruiting possible candidates on the street.

Ruby Lounge: Greeter/Counter December 4, 2004. South Beach, FL. Worked the door, greeting and counting guests.

MG promotions: Fliering November 27, 2004. (Ongoing) South Beach, FL. Hit upscale hotels, restaurants and stores leaving flyers promoting upcoming events.

Tyson chicken: Lead Generator November 26, 2004. Miami FL. Passed out premiums and collected e-mail addresses at the Gymnastics tour.

ESPN: Sampler November 21, 2004. Florida City, FL. Passed out promo items at NASCAR.

Shell: Good Will Brand Ambassador October 26, 2004. Florida. Gas Station. Passed out gas cards, pumped gas, cleaned windows for people affected by the hurricanes.

Army: Greeter/Sampler August 21-22, 2004. Air and Water show. Chicago. Greeted guests. Typed guest info on dog tags and handed out promo. items.

Burger King and Viva radio station: Sampler/Brand Ambassador August 18-19, 2004. Fast food restaurant. Cicero, IL. Quizzed customers on the new Angus burger while playing games and passing out promotional items. Live radio feed. Cross promoted with radio station.
Western Union: Credit Card Applications July 29, 31 and August 12, 13, 14, 26. Chicago and Suburbs of IL. Informed visitors at the currency exchange about Western Unions pre-paid MasterCard and signed people up.

Mazola oil: Sampler July 30 and August 1, 2004. Chicago. Spanish Street Festival. Stuffed gift bags with promo items. Passed out promotional items, interacted with crowd and generated excitement toward tent.

Dove: Sampler July 8, 2004 Chicago, IL. In Store Demo. Set up table in store. Passed out ice cream samples.

Radio shack: Event Coordinator July 2-4, 2004. XMODS Tour. Rib Fest. Naperville, IL. Duties included greeting people and running a RC race on an oversized racetrack. The winners received a t-shirt.

Print and Runway
2006 Calendar: Aztec Eagle Ms. October
Hair shoot for Parto Naderi salon in downtown Chicago.
Runway show for Red Carter bathing suits. November 12, 2004. South Beach, FL
Runway show for Von Dutch. November 19, 2004. South Beach, FL

Bilingual in Spanish; Have sanitation license; Certified food service manager, exp. 2006. Knowledgeable in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, Quark, CorelDraw, Photoshop.

Interested in:

Print, Runway, Commercial, Headshot, Video, Swimwear, Film / Video


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