Tampa, Florida
United States
Tampa, Florida
United States


[booked dates]
*march 16 - Mister Devin
*march 28 - keith (daytona)
*march 29 - STT Photography (daytona)
*june 13 - Lyle [southern glamour] (orlando)

Very friendly and outgoing...sounds like a headline for a dating ad.let me start over XD

I'm very fun to work with whether it's out in the cold air being in freezing water or the hot scorching sun, I'll always crack a smile for me and the people I work with. Rarely do I complain about much.I mean look at me I have my tattoos to show it.

Behind all this smile is also a smart brain too and I take things very seriously as well.I'm very punctual with time.I'm a full time college student getting my associates in fine art and my bachelor in graphic design(yes I'm an art geek), an assistant manager at a clothing store, part time modeling, and everything else that requires my attention in my own little world.I've been juggling all of it and i'm still alive (my blackberry's my hero) so I'm dependent to be responsible.

I am working on my portfolio to create glamour and high fashion/editorial.don't know which road I'll be taking just yet.

I'm easy to work with.However no frontal nude work will be accepted.implied might be considered.I don't feel comfortable with frontal nude and I don't want to ruin pictures where I look weird.saves everyone time.

Putting out a notice I also have a cross tattooed in the middle of my lower back,my Korean name on my lower back under the cross and stars traveling from my shoulder blade down to my back upper hip (what can I say.I love ink)

Hope you enjoy the rest of my portfolio =D

interested in doing:
+promotional events

if you would like to set up a shoot, please include as much detail of:
[.]description of assignment
[.]dates and times
[.]makeup/hair(if provided)
*if you decide to set up a shoot with me please be sure that you want to do it 100% and not message back and forth saying you want to.I don't want to waste your time and you waste mine as well thanks.*

-please note that I will bring a male escort to all photo shoots[exceptions for certain photographers]