waning light

waning light Mary Durante Wehrhahn by Mary Durante Youtt
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Title: waning light
Copyright: Mary Durante Wehrhahn
Posted by: Mary Durante Youtt

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Critique By: Jim LaLota
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I think that abstraction in photos is a tough thing to do. Not just blurring something of a close-up of a part of something, but a piece akin to an abstract painting or drawing.

In that sense, I think this works pretty well. The centering of the light area is good and I like the grounding of the dark band at the bottom.

I have two things that (slightly) annoy me. I can't help but see T-111 wood paneling (am I right on that?) so it tends to lessen the abstraction a bit and the second thing is the color. I am not sure if more color, or if keeping the b/w, more contrast would help.

Again, just my thoughts, but overall I like the effort. Well done. Thanks for sharing!

Reply By: Mary Durante Youtt
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Always appreciate your comments. The wood panel (not sure if it is T-111 wood) helped with texture. (I think) I have some in color that I've shot - will post shortly- def is more eye catching but I liked the shape on this one.
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