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  by Mary Durante Youtt
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Posted by: Mary Durante Youtt
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one woman with breast cancer - effects many.

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Critique By: Jim LaLota
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I hope I can convey these thoughts effectively. What you are attempting with this series is admirable but very difficult. As I see it, this is no longer a 'private moment' and I feel a bit uncomfortable witnessing it. Somewhat reminds me of a short article I read once about a photographer answering the phone and learning that his wife's mother had just died. Before he handed the phone to the wife, he ran for his camera.

I suppose I think the same here for a moment. How is this shot set up? Again, i am not sure how I am processing this, but I felt a gut reaction was important, given the type of image it is.

I will think about it for the next day or so and post again. However, having said all this, i do thank you for sharing.

Reply By: Mary Durante Youtt
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I understand where you are coming from. This is part of a project that Jene and I are working on. The woman with cancer wants us to photo document her journey, through her double mastectomy. The set up a family gathering garnishing love and support. She wants to write a book, using our photos and words. She wants the world to know that a women is not just T&A.


Check my blog starts on 11/13 about her, it will put it back into content. Maybe I shouldn't post them on MC? But I was looking for comments to help me tell her story.

Reply By: Jim LaLota
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Yes, I do feel that as part of a series is a better context to examine this in and of course, if she wants to use the images in a book that makes more 'sense' also. As I lost my brother to cancer, this may have hit a bit too close to home for me, not sure. And as much as it affected me, I didn't feel I should document his struggle. Guess I would liken it to an AA meeting being led by someone who never drinks or a Catholic priest counseling married couples. I will keep thinking about this though, so in that way, you and Jene have certainly done your job.