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 Mary Durante Wehrhahn by Mary Durante Youtt
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Copyright: Mary Durante Wehrhahn
Posted by: Mary Durante Youtt

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Critique By: Jim LaLota
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i do believe this is a strong portrait that just needs a bit of tweaking. i do think the clouds are effective, but as said before, a bit misplaced. also, the presence of the purple, blue sky and green strip is a bit much (my kneejerk reaction says that the blue is enough) but i'n not really sure. but this does have much potential. thanks for sharing.

Reply By: Mary Durante Youtt
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The green streak can easily be cloned out. The purple is the window fame and maybe I could change the color but I thought it was needed. The clouds I don't think I could do anything since they are are reflection on the window glass. I'll play around when I have a bit of time. And thank you for taking the time to comment.

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