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  by JasstinaFeatherstone
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Posted by: JasstinaFeatherstone

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Critique By: Israel Colon
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I NEVER like images with arms and hands cropped out like this? And you looked very stressed in the neck area from this pose? Does not look natural or flowy at all...not sure what the image on the right of the image is? Looks like another model or a reflection of some sorts of you in a mirror or something? But it's confusing to me and takes away from this image and makes the image look sloppy overall.

Critique By: Mary Durante Youtt
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You are lovely!
The photographer also did a nice job - lighting, tonal values. A full body shot would have shown you off better I think BUT this is not a reflection of you or the photographer, just a preference. (If you could darken the white things above your head and the other model (or reflection of you) in post editing that would be better) All the attention should be on YOU.