Amelia Copyright Jimmy Bumble by Jimmy
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Title: Amelia
Copyright: Copyright Jimmy Bumble
Posted by: Jimmy
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Chained to a radiator in a squat basement, Amelia could take it no longer. The thought of her man on the outside gave her strength enough to chew through her own hand and make a break from her tormentors and onwards to freedom. Clutching her bloody stub and desperate to feel her lovers warm breath on her cheeks, she returns to his place of abode only to find he has moved on and found another to take her place. Obviously distraught. Amelia returns through the forest and back to whence she came.

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Critique By: Julian
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Uhhh? Okay . . . first it is hard for me to see it clearly . . . second, if you have to explain it, in great detail . . . something is missing. The picture should evoke its story. And, it immaturely gory.

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