Christy Resendes

Fairhaven, Massachusetts
United States
Fairhaven, Massachusetts
United States

Christy Resendes

Hello my name is Christy Resendes I was born in New Bedford MA, and still reside in MA. I am a professional natural bodybuilder for the IFPA & NGA organization. I work at Titleist making golf balls also I model and personal train individuals on the side. I have a very supportive and wonderful husband of eleven years and we have three great children together ages 2, 6, and 10. I am working towards getting my bachelors degree by 2007 in physical education at Bridgewater State College.

Prior to bodybuilding I had briefly participated in runway modeling, ballet, softball, and Tae Kwon Do as a child. My parents had started me into weight training when I was 15 years old. My mother had competed in a bodybuilding show the year prior and I was amazed with the transformation of her physic. When I started lifting it was with the intention of competing in my first show within 3 months of starting. On October 16th 1993 I competed in the Whaling City Bodybuilding Championships at age 15 and I won first place, best poser, and overall. After that show I had not competed again until October of 2004, where I had won overall and qualified to gain professional status. My husband and I decided to go to the nationals held in New Mexico and I won first place and earned my pro card. I always thought that I wasn’t big enough to do it and I never had the confidence to go through with it. Then my teacher Dr. Ellen Robinson of Bridgewater State College gave me the extra push I needed to compete again. Since then I’ve competed numerous times and have even expanded into strongwomen competitions.

There are two shows in particular that have had great meaning to me and they were the NPC 2005 New England Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships and the Muscle Mania Atlantic 2005. The NPC New England show was a turning point for me in my career, it was my first time competing in a show that not drug tested. I knew as a natural for life athlete that I wouldn’t be the biggest (most muscle mass), but I figured that I could be the leanest. I was trying to compete in the middleweight division, which the cut off weight was 132 lbs. I ended up weighing in at 134lbs and was the lightest one in the heavyweight division and the heaviest female weighted 150lbs. I ended up coming in second place out seven competitors and felt like I could hold my ground and that maybe my dream of being the best natural bodybuilder wasn’t as far fetched, as it had seemed. I realized that it didn’t matter if I won or lost, what mattered most was that I could eat! Just Kidden’, what mattered most was that I did my personal best and was the leanest that I had ever been. The Muscle Mania Atlantic competition was meaningful because it was the whole family getting into it; my husband competed with me for this show. Also we had the local newspaper following my family and I around for 3 months, taking pictures and going to the gym with us, it was awesome! The local newspaper was doing a write up about the whole bodybuilding prep, the show, and the results. I had also decided that if I had won this show that I was going to dedicate my trophy to my teacher and close friend Dr. Ellen Robinson as my way of thanking her for believing in me and giving me the inspiration and confidence to just do it. So, what became of this show? My hubby placed fourth in his class, which he hasn’t competed prior to that show for 12 years. I placed first and while at school during class had the honor of giving Ellen Robinson the trophy. The newspaper had done two separate articles that were put out on Sat. and Sun. and I was extremely flattered.

The exercises that I enjoy the most would have to be dead lifts and squats. My least favorite exercises are anything to do with traps and forearms. The body part that I like the most would be my biceps and my least favorite would be my abs.

Bi: 13in
Chest: 42in
Waist: 31in
Hips: 38in
Thigh: 22 1/2in
Caves: 15in

Bench: 205lbs x 1 rep
Parallel Squat: 405lbs x 5 reps
18in Axel Dead Lift: 405lbs x 2 reps
(no wraps)

Many people ask me why I compete, and it’s kind of hard to explain, but I will do my best. I feel that everyone has their own unique gifts for example writing, drawing, making people laugh, or cooking. Some people find out what this gift is really early in life and become very successful at it and sometimes it takes others a bit longer to figure out what exactly it is. I feel that bodybuilding is my gift, my passion, what I was meant to do. And by no means am I trying to imply that I’m the best or better than anyone else, it’s what I do and it’s satisfying. I love the modeling, articles, interviews, and sponsorship opportunities that have come from it. I love to work hard and see the transformation of my body. I enjoy meeting others with the same interests and sharing ideas. In the off-season I love eating and getting ready for a strongwoman contest. I also like the fact that I can lift heavier and that the training is more sport specific. What I enjoy most about my lifestyle is that I feel alive, that life isn’t just passing me by. I know what I want and if I work hard at it, maybe I will be successful too. And even if it doesn’t end up the way I would like it to, at least I can say that I tried.

So you ask what is it that I wish to accomplish?
Well let me tell you how it started…
It started as a dream to be known as the best natural bodybuilder (Ms. Olympia). I would tell my hubby Dino how I wished that I could be Ms. Olympia, but I didn’t think it was very feasible since it’s a normal show vs. a natural show. I have never and never will use steroids or diuretics, which I thought is what I would have to do to obtain that title. I told him that I would love to model and be in magazines. Then he said; so then do it!! My initial thought was that I shouldn’t even waist my time, it’s not going to happen. Then after thinking about how fast life goes by and what I want my children to learn from me, I came to a conclusion. I want them to be whatever it is that they want to be. I don’t ever want them to feel that any thing is impossible or unattainable. I want them to know that it might not be easy and they might fall, but it’s okay and you might even fail and that’s okay too! As long as you tried, J which brings me to say that saying this to my children when I didn’t believe in myself would not help reconfirm what I would like them to learn. I would have to show them through my efforts, hard work, and my down falls. And now I’m not dreaming any more, I’m working on achieving my goals.

In my down time I enjoy writing, drawing, being with family and friends. I collect fairies and Garbage Pale Kids cards. I love to dance and sing. I also like to arm-wrestle I’ve been arm-wrestling since I was in elementary school. I enjoy trying new things and traveling as well.

I have been working on a wide range of self-promotion and modeling, and if there is anyone interested in booking me I can be contacted via e-mail at I am also working on a new blog write up for both my website and my MySpace profile.