Zlatko Vuletic

Zlatko Schakür Vuletic was born on ( May 12, 1991 ) in Uzice, Western Serbia. From the age of 6 he was studying at an profesionall dance school in Uzice, at the same time performing his numbers in a mini dance serbian group called "Nasa Dans Grupa", in which also danced two preofessional dance musician choreographers from Belgrade.
That was the time when Zlatko`s creative development has started - microphone became his favorite toy whereas the stage or scene - a place of the best child`s impressions and memories.
In this very time Zlatko decided to sing and dedicate his life to music and dance. At the age of 8, he bagan to work as kid-teen model for Trendy Style Model Agency from Belgrade, which came all way from Novi Sad seeking talented kids for kids model company.

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