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AGENCY SIGNED: Spirit Model Management:

*TF* shoots: I *will* shoot TF selectively with photographers who I feel can improve or add something extra special to my portfolio. I like to be creative, to push boundaries and make people look twice. I like to have fun, to create and to combine ideas, inspirations and talents in order to produce great and stunning imagery. I enjoy highly creative projects, images which are about the whole art, not just the model, and which have impact and awesomeness oozing from them. If you work in this way, please contact me Smile

*Paid* Shoots: Modelling is my main income and I enjoy what I do. I believe my rates to be fair and reasonable to photographers regardless of your budget, and sometimes I will run special discount weeks. I do understand that there are many other costs involved in being a photographer. Likewise, this is my job, and I need to earn. So please don't offer me reduced rates.

*Commission/Submission*: I am interested in shooting regular sets for submission sites such as Zivity, or shooting for shared profit through publications, competitions and exhibitions.

Other Stuff: I have prominent stretchmarks on my stomach, they are a part of me which I embrace. I understand that photographers may want to edit these out in post-production. *ALL* the images in my portfolio have been taken since having these and are representative of how they look/can look. *UPDATE* I also now have burn marks on one side of my abdomen,which you can see in my Selfie Nude shot until I update my portfolio with professional shots. I have two medium size tattoos on my back - one lower, one upper. I have one nose piercing, jewelry easily removed and the piercing hole is barely visible.

You'll find I show up well prepared for shoots with make-up and hair done, bag packed with clean, pressed and well presented outfits. I have a huge and varied wardrobe of outfits from vintage dresses to gothic and grunge fashion and everything in between.


Fashion: £15 ph / £50 4 hrs

Topless/lingerie: £20 ph / £70

Art Nude: £25 ph / £90 4 hrs

Min. 2 hr booking.

Travel: I do not drive so prefer shoots in the Midlands for regular work, however I can easily travel to Sheffield, Birmingham, York/Leeds, Leicestershire, Staffordshire and Lincolnshire by train. I'm grateful for offers to cover travel expenses.

Studios: There are a number of fabulous studios in Nottingham and Derbyshire including Brightlights, Abbey Street, Bodyline, The Mansion Studio and The Pit Studio.



3rd - Booked (Model & Photographer)



7th - Booked (Photographer) Stevey D

10th - Booked (Photographer for jewellery client)









Thanks for reading, and if there are any questions, offers, ideas, suggestions, critique... please do contact me - I'd appreciate it.




'Erotique Digitale' (2005) by Rod McDonald
'Digital Nude Photography' (2005) Rod McDonald
'True Selves' (2010) Jan Murphy (Twistedphotography)
'London Bound 2' (2010) - Mark Varley
'World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today: Vol IIII' (2011) Paul Alexander
'Jonny Blaze's Little Book of Fetish' (2011) Jonny Blaze

Interested in:

  • Art
  • Print
  • Commercial
  • Headshot
  • Video
  • Swimwear
  • Lingerie
  • Nude
  • Erotic
  • Glamour
  • Stage
  • Boudoir
  • Other
  • Mediums