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YaaSerwaah BY Akuoku

new york , New York
United States

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About YaaSerwaah BY Akuoku

Once asked “what do you have against contemporary Design?” and with a sly smirk which suggested the answer should be most obvious; YaaSerwaah Akuoku returned: “The dictionary’s definition of contemporary is existing, occurring, or living at the same time; belonging to the same time…” she continued “how can a true designer answer her call of duty if her vision is not always ahead of her time? …I want to be known as REVOLUTIONARY!”

NanaYaaSerwaah Akuoku, which in translation means, “your highness who was born on a Thursday is a noble, strong intelligent women” and with this young emerging NYC designers harmonious astatic between surrealism, visual stimulation and cerebral subject matter she was given an indisputably fitting name.

YaaSerwaah is a self-professed child of all things intellectual. She was born unto a half-West African half-American partnership then finally and adopted by creativity where She was raised in the confines of the city. Although physically she was on the island of Manhattan in the early part of her life, her ideas of the realm of possibilities were jet setting far and fast around the world. ”I just love to learn…” She states while dashing through the aisles of MOOD fabrics with inspiration images and swatches in tow “…Learn about people, places and how all things ultimately connect. I want to always feel as though my life is moving. ”What first began as a drift, evolved into full steam after attending the Fashion Institute of Technology. With a major in fashion art and design, YaaSerwaah began to polish what was already a pretty gleaming craft. YaaSerwaah proclaims “most of my creative influences come from the fine arts and philosophy; I have a huge appreciation for artist like Marcel Duchamp, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali and philosophers like Descartes.

With a firm hand raised against “trendsville” and a door shutting in the face of “Cliché –ism” Yaaserwaah proves herself to be a rarity in this time amongst the hordes of emerging designers who sometimes all seem to follow the “designers hand book” so to speak.

During this impromptu interview the artist almost scientifically examines the weave patterns of two seemingly identical pieces of fabric; while she elaborates, “Although I appreciate all fashion from the past and present I do not rely on it. I was an artist before I was trained to seek inspiration. It has never been my aesthetic to design from an existing design even when I was designing for Barbie and did not know the meaning of the word aesthetic.

“Designing is something I do instinctually. In a sense it is a sense. I have found that relying on the past can be limiting. For a true artist, inspiration is a reaction to life experiences and intellectual progression, which generates boundless interpretations and possibilities. As I go through life, have experiences and acquire knowledge of things that mostly have nothing to do fashion or even art for that matter; I interpret them with this “six sense” and… VOILA !!”
“ At times I wonder if that is what life is all about: A constant journey to learn more. Ascending into a destination that is continuous… This I hope ” she jokes…”what a way to stay recession proof “

Never failing to answer the call of creativity YaaSerwaah expresses herself through a multitude of artist media with the belief that music, visual arts, literature and fashion are all part of the same language of human communication and expression… and express she does!

It was NanaYaaSerwaah Akuoku who coined the phrase ”Art is the transformation of Human emotion into something that is tangible” when asked to elaborate on this idea she passionately states, “I believe that experiencing a persons art is similar to taking a walk though their thoughts. It takes a person who is aware of their self to make that transformation. You have to develop a clear understanding of what you want to say, You must first know, and own who you are in order to contribute yourself”

YaaSerwaah BY Akuoku - Experience

Yaaserwaah’s philosophy is never left to question when experiencing her work. Each one of her pieces is indeed a piece of her. In a recent interview she discusses her thought process for one of her most famous works which she has named “psyche” who’s spring 10’ unveiling created so much buzz among the new flush of fashion insiders that she was inspired to develop a full offshoot collection for fall 10. “ During the time I conceived the piece I had been taking a course in psychology. I was inspired by Sigmund Freud's structural model of the psyche relating to the ID, and super ego. I pondered these theories and it made me examine my own interactions with others. I found the idea that we as humans build relationships both formal and personal of which may or may not have been filtered by the id to be fascinating. From this I began to imagine what it would be like if these two elements of thought where transcended from the mind and human interaction was left without curtains.

With the designers keen eye for detail, high taste level fused with her embrace of rich colour palettes, eclectic pattern combinations, Inventive silhouettes and technology the YaaSerwaah BY Akuoku brand is ascertained to reinforce the cultural evolution of the millennial generation

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