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About Valentino

The Valentino Casting Firm 40 Wall St. The Donald J. Trump Bldg. N.Y.N.Y. 10005

Aside From My 20 Years Experience As a Fashion Photographer My Background In The Financial Entertainment World Includes:

Business Administrator For Former L.A. Clippers Professional Basketball Team Owner Donald T. Sterling. Attorney & Billionaire. Beverly Hills 90210.

Business Affairs Director-ABC Studios

Business Administrator Disney Studios-Orlando-Fla.

Business Affairs Administrator-Sargoy & Stein & Hanft-Attorneys-N.Y.C.

Music Royalty Administrator-
Bert Padel-Attorney & C.P.A.
& Manager To The Stars
New York City

When working at Padell Inc. My position was Royality Administrator for the following clients:
Madonna Taylor Swift Cyndi Lauper Toni Braxton Britney Spears Beyonce Robert DeNiro Biggie Smalls Alice Cooper Faye Dunaway Peter Max & the list goes on...

🎭The Valentino Casting Firm🎭
40 Wall Street
Donald J. Trump Bldg.
New York, N.Y. 10005
646.763.3155 ☎

My Company The Valentino Casting Firm Is A Network of Results That An Actor, Model or many other type of artist needs. You can pound the pavement all you want...It's not an easy jorney but lets admit that when you do what you love...and love what you do...there is nothing more rewarding.

Myself along with my new partners & Staff are helping our clients achieve their goals in Prime Time, Day Time, Award Winning Film & T.V. Projects. If You are serious about your career in the Entertainment Industry than read on...

See 💜The Valentino Casting Firm💜 Below
Actors-Models-Singers-Dancers-Recording Artisis & Musicians.


If you have been contacted by Valentino via text or email please read about my company The Valentino Casting Firm Below. If You have been contacted as a possible client please review all of the company's services to help Artists acheive their goals in this cast Industry. You will not be required to pay for photography. to become a client. That choice is yours.

PERCEPTION...Valentino Photography...

Valentino works every single day. He is booked 2 years in advance. Nobody can afford him. He will only photograph famous celebrities, magazine covers & major advertising campaigns. He is totally inaccessible. You can never reach him or get him on the phone. He is completely out of your league, why bother...


Actors Headshots-Fashion Photos-Large Or Small Scale Advertising-Potraits-Weddings-Recording Artists Covers & More. Give Valentino a Call. You Will Be Pleasantly Surprised...


Award Winning Article By Valentino-South London Press

99% of the time the Actor will get the interview through their Headshot~

So it is pretty obvious that the actor needs a good one~

Or more accurately a Great One~

Show business is far too competitive to break into it with a cheap & unflattering Headshot~

Your Headshot should be a thought-provoking one that illustrates your energy or particular mood~

Your Headshot should endear the viewer enough to look beyond the picture & find out more about you~

Your Headshot should signal "Pick Me" or "Consider Me" for your next project~

If you are like most Actors then you want your Headshots to be worth your valuable time & money~

As an Actor you realize that you have to make strong powerful connections with your audience~

You know not to always play it safe but to mix it up & take the important risks & make specific choices~

Each face brings something new & special to the marketing table but it is the Photographer's energy & spirit that must reach out beyond the boundaries & make that certain connection the same way a great Director does~

These same principles apply to the choice of your Headshot Photographer~

Over the years I have had the pleasure to work with many Celebrity Artists.

My workmanship time & time again makes that certain connection with Casting Directors & Agents in today's vast marketplace.

"Capturing your Spirit & Essence is what creates powerful images that demand the viewers' attention which is what my workmanship is really all about"

There are two ways of spreading light-To be the candle or the Mirror that reflects it.

I am proud of my 20 year accomplishments of making artists come alive in this Industry...

By Valentino~

Pricing Headshots:

Headshots, portraits & social media shots.
For the clients that want to go for a more editorial Magazine look as well as fantastic headshots that will grab any agent or casting directors attention.
I really play with this one, giving you tons of interesting cool options for social media & website use. 4 Looks!
All the content you could dream of!!

$675.00. BEST SAVINGS!
Clients often want to come back to show off a new look, beard, a clean shave, a new hair color, shorter hair, less lbs….
Pay the fee upfront & you can come in 3 times max within 1 YEAR (12 months only no exceptions).
You have 5 looks to shoot, that can be broken up however you like; two sessions or three sessions, you decide.

Additional looks are $100 each, & must be fit within the 3 sessions.

This shoot consists of 3 different clothing changes giving you a ton of variety & looks.

Only Group Clients Only Get This Special Valentino Touch. Full 90 Minute Session.
2 Looks for Women & Men.

$100 discount to any former photography clients that want to shoot again & it applies to the Standard, Repeat Offender & Ultimate Package. Just a small way of saying thank you for coming back!

Regardless of the package you choose, Valentino tailors EACH shoot to meet your needs & prides himself on providing a wide range of looks as well as a variety in mood & composition.

The online proof sheets are available 5-7 business days after your shoot. The online contacts allow you to share your entire shoot or selected images with agents, managers, friends, & family at your convenience.

A $175 deposit (non-refundable) is required to hold your appointment FOR ANY PACKAGE. Once you have scheduled a time, Valentino will e-mail you a clothing list with loads of information to help prepare you for your session.

Valentino accepts cash, personal checks, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, & debit cards as payment. For the ladies:

"Valentino's Photography is often imitated...but never ever duplicated.
Only the very best"


WEDDINGS-Price Upon Request

EVENTS: Price Upon Request

Also: Recording Artists Album Covers & Group or Solo Artist Publicity Shots.

Phone: 646.763.3155 ☎


Management Coaching & Advising Actors Models Singers Dancers. Helping Them Achieve Their Career goals thru Meeting Prominent Casting Directors, Producers, Director's, Costume Designers & Recording Artists & Record Producers. Advance Casting Breakdowns Provided For My Clients thru the Casting Pro's That May Hold The Key 🔑 To Your Next Job Or Audition.

Accepting New Artists In The Entertainment Industry.


Let's Face It...Artists Come & Go In A New York Minute & That Goes For Both Coasts...

It's Not Enough To Know How To Play The Game...You Have To Have A MASTER PLAN!

I Have An Outstanding Reputation In The Industry. My Clients Are My Best References.

I Create A Marketing Plan Exclusively For Each One Of My Clients.

No Two Clients Have The Same Career Path Or The Same Marketing Goals.

My Objective Is To Help My Clients Generate An Income As Soon As Possible.

My Clients Know That My Job Is To Open The Doors To The Right Support Professionals.

I Am In Constant Contact With Talent Agents & Casting Directors To Help My Clients Secure Success.

I Work With Casting Directors That Have Been Nominated Or Won Awards For Outstanding Achievement In Casting.

My Clients Receive Sound Advice On Presentation & Marketing Tools...

Creating My Clients Image Is Vital.

Connecting My Clients With The People That May Hold The Key To Their Next Job Or Audition.

Helping My Clients Maintain Enthusiasm Along With A Level Of Excellence.

Turning My Clients Auditions Into Callbacks & Bookings.

I Show My Clients How To Save Money In This Business & Work SMARTER..

I Have A Very High Success Rate.

All Of My Clients See Themselves As Winners & That Is What They Become.

There Is No Other Option...

Winning Is Not Everything. It's The Only Thing.

This Business Is Too Tough To Play Around! Babies...Step Aside! If You Can't Take The
Heat...Get Out Of The Kitchen!

I Am Presently Working On My New Book *The Business Of Show Business 101 & Beyond*

*After Two Decades I Have Seen This Industry From All Sides Of The Lens*


I Am Truly Devoted To Each One Of My Clients Success.

I Have Been Very Fortunate In My
Business Ventures & Retired At The Young Age of 41.

My Services To My Clients Are Extremly Rewarding.

I Produce Results...
Connections Matter In This Industry.

Looking Forward To Helping Any Serious Artist That Wants To Expand & Enjoy Success In The Entertainment Industry.

Peace...Love & Light...

Owner ValentinoStudios®
The Valentino Casting Firm.™

Valentino - Experience

New York City Native.
Thank You For Visiting My Site!

Interested in:

Wedding, Portrait, Landscape, Commercial, Art, Sports, Journalism, Architecture, Boudoir, Figure Study


Infrared, Digital, Alternative, Painting, Sculpture, Video, Photography, Drawing

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