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Aside From My 20 Years Experience as a Fashion Photographer My Background in the Entertainment Industry includes:

Royality Administrator for Lenono Records John & Yoko Lennon
The Dakota
N.Y. N.Y.

Business Administrator for LA Clippers Professional Basketball Team Owner
Donald T. Sterling. Attorney & Billionaire.
Beverly Hills, Ca.

American Broadcasting Company
Business Affairs Director
ABC Studios
Hollywood, Ca.

Walt Disney World Studios
Business Administrator

Sargoy & Stein & Hanft,
Entertainment Attorneys
Business Affairs Administrator
New York, NY

Music Royalty Administrator
Bert Padell-Attorney-C.P.A. & Manager
To The Stars
Padell, Nadell, Fine, Weinberger
N.Y. N.Y.

Valentino Royalty Administrator For
Bert Padell
Position was to oversee Royalties for:
Sir Laurence Olivier
Cyndi Lauper
Toni Braxton
Joyce DeWitt-Three's Company
Alice Cooper
Biggie Smalls
Luther Vandross
Faye Dunaway
David Byrne-Taking Heads
Peter Max
Russell Simmons
among many other Celebrity Clients

Valentino Recording & Photography Studios
40 Wall Street
Donald J. Trump Building
New York, NY 10005
646.763.3155 ☎


TheCastingBoardroom© was established by prominent fashion & Award Winning photographer Cristiano Valentino to target the abundant need of Casting Directors, Filmmakers, Studio Heads, Executive Producers, Film & T.V. Directors to book Union & Non Union talent.

We have been an ideal source for Casting Directors & Producers looking to book talent in feature films,television, commercials,
modeling jobs, music videos, promotional videos & print work.

We are now excited to let you know that we are casting actors & models & recording Artists in 14 States.

We take pride in being fast & being very detailed.

It doesn’t matter if the job is very large or small,every project receives the same excellent attention to details & service.

All of my staff are aware that production needs do not always happen during regular office hours.

There is always someone available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to cast or to answer questions.

Our talent consists of professional Artists ranging in age & ethnicity to fulfill any & all casting needs.

TheCastingBoardroom© represents Actors-Models-Singers-Dancers-Recording Artists & Musicians.

Talent Must Register In Our Data Base to become a member of TheCastingBoardroom©

You will Receive Casting Notices Worldwide along with Actors/Models Tips from Top Notch Casting Directors.

You will receive casting notices from your state as well as Castings from around the country.

You will also receive Actors Tips from the top notch Casting Directors in the world. All on imdb.

Also private email addy's of every Casting Director I have worked with over the last two decades.

Aside from Casting Notices you will receive:
Fantastic Articles from top notch Casting Directors such as:

David Vaccari "How To Improve Your Cold Reading Skills"

Molly Kanton "Make The Film Crew Take Notice"

Valentino's Interview with Kerry Barden "Kissing at Auditions"

Interview with Jessica Daniels & Producer Susanna Todd by Valentino.

Valentino's Interview with Casting Director
Jessica Daniels.

There are so many Great articles that
it would cost you hundreds of dollars
to attend these seminars.

Golden Nuggets to Rock Your Next Film
Or TV Audition by Casting Director
Donna McKenna.

Kelly Hero "Controlling Emotions & Developing A Thicker Skin"

Plus hundreds more to keep you in the game & on your toes!

We do not take commissions on any jobs
that we find for you!

We are not an agency but a Casting Service.



Honestly, if an Actor or Model can not afford $1.50 per day to invest in their career with All the info that we provide maybe they should seriosly consider another path.

We Are The Real Deal!

This business is all about investing & re-investing in your business"

Note: You Are Not Required To Pay For A Photo Shoot To Become a Member of


Valentino Photography Studios© 💋


Valentino works every single day. He is booked 2 years in advance.

Nobody can afford him. He will only photograph famous celebrities, magazine covers & major advertising campaigns.

He is totally inaccessible.

You can never reach him or get him on the phone.

He is completely out of your league, why bother?


Actors Headshots-Fashion Photos-Large Or Small Scale Advertising-Weddings-Recording Artists Covers & More.

Give Him A Call...You will be pleasantly


Award Winning Article By Valentino-South London Press September 2017

99% of the time the Actor will get the interview through their Headshot~

So it is pretty obvious that the actor needs a good one~

Or more accurately a Great One~

Show business is far too competitive to break into it with a cheap & unflattering Headshot~

Your Headshot should be a thought-provoking one that illustrates your energy or particular mood~

Your Headshot should endear the viewer enough to look beyond the picture & find out more about you~

Your Headshot should signal "Pick Me" or "Consider Me" for your next project~

If you are like most Actors then you want your Headshots to be worth your valuable time & money~

As an Actor you realize that you have to make strong powerful connections with your

You know not to always play it safe but to mix it up & take the important risks & make specific choices~

Each face brings something new & special to the marketing table but it is the Photographer's energy & spirit that must reach out beyond the boundaries & make that certain connection the same way a great Director does~

These same principles apply to the choice of your Headshot Photographer~

Over the years I have had the pleasure to work with many Celebrity Artists.

My workmanship time & time again makes that certain connection with Casting Directors & Agents in today's vast marketplace.

"Capturing your Spirit & Essence is what creates powerful images that demand the viewers' attention which is what my
workmanship is really all about"

There are two ways of spreading light-To be the candle or the Mirror that reflects it.

I am proud of my 20 year accomplishments of making artists come alive in this Industry.

Mini Headshot Session $375.
90 Minutes

Headshots: $550 3 hours
An Amazing Experience 👍

Valentino's Make Up Artists (Optional)
Men: $75. Women $125

Mini Model Portfolio $475
90 Minutes

The Valentino Touch Portfolio $795
Includes MUA
(Professional MakeUp Artist)
3 Hours of Pure Excitement & Amazing Quality!

Combo Headshots & Model Portfolio
$595 2 1/2 hour session

WEDDINGS- $1,200 & Up...

EVENTS: Price Upon Request
Also: Recording Artists Album Covers & Group or Solo Artist Publicity Shots.

Phone: 646.763.3155 ☎


Valentino Personal Management Coaching

Actors Models & Performance Artists:
Let's Talk About Steeping Up Your Game In The Entertainment Industry.

As you have read TheCastingBoardroom© above will provide you with excellent Service In Obtaining Castings for you along with Acting Tips from top notch Casting Directors & much more.

Ir you desire Management Coaching Once A Month or just a few times a year for a small investment you will gain the upper hand with Valentino's undivided attention as he rolls up his sleeves...takes the bull by the horns and performs all the tasks below. With this service you will really gain the knowledge of exactly how this Industry works.

Management Coaching Rates Are
Individually Structured to an Actors or Models Needs.

Rates are $65.00 for a full hour session.

For our out of state clients we offer Skype & FaceTime.

Clients Average 3-5 Sessions per year.

"One for Every season is Perfect fo Actors & Models"

MANAGEMENT COACHING is not a new concept.

Olympic gold medalists, top CEOs, politicians & most all celebrities have a personal coach.

Why Shouldn't You?

It’s not enough to know how to play the game. You must have a Master Plan.


Create a Marketing Plan - No two Artists have the same path.

The objective is to help a client generate an income as soon as possible.

My clients want to make a good living doing what they love.

Open the Door to the Right "Support" Professionals.

Whatever my clients need to be excellent. I am in constant contact with Talent Agents, Casting Directors, Producers & Film Directors to help my clients secure success.

Advice on Presentation & Marketing Tools
Managing your public image!
Hairstyle, Wardrobe, Headshots, Resume, Audition Techniques, Monologues, plus more so that my clients are always 100% prepared.

It’s Not What You Know But Who You Know In Entertainment.

Helping you Maintain Enthusiasm &
a level of EXCELLENCE – Turning auditions into callbacks & bookings!

I will show you how to save money in this business & work smarter, not harder.

It is my job to oversee my artists' needs, whether they are on a set in LA or working on a soap in NY or on an assignment in Boston, Chicago or our new new friends in Atlanta.

I'm the "go to" guy that's only a phone call away. Arranging the step-by-step progress: update tools, interviews with agents & casting directors. planning showcases.

If a client follows through with good marketing tools, a positive attitude,

First class work & good presentation, there's usually no problem in obtaining Agent representation or an audition with a Casting Director.

I have a very high success rate.


Valentino has worked in the Entertainment business for over 2 decades as a Personal Coach & Fashion Photographer,operating Valentino Photography Studios in New York City & The Casting Boardroom ©

Valentino is presently working on his new book, “The Business of Show Business 101 & Beyond."

"I have seen this Industry from all sides of the lens"

"Try my service. If it's for you then we will keep on working together to fight the good fight...if not...STOP at anytime"

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