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Denita M.Benson

West Bloomfield, Michigan
United States


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About Denita M.Benson

Twin's inner beauty shines just as much as her outer beauty. Her inner beauty lies within her personality, education, focus and determination. This 24 year old, Detroit native has big plans for her future. From the outside, Twin may seem like your average woman (she likes to design clothes,shop, work out, dance and roller skate) but on the inside there's much more and she has big plans ahead of her. She's classy, on the verge of earning another degree, bi-lingual (English and Spanish) and on her way to entering the business world, this makes her far from average. Her sweet and respectful nature is also a draw. She's funny, silly and people just enjoy being around her. Her only drawback is being spoiled but she has too much going for her not to overlook that.
Despite her busy schedule she makes time for fun and relaxation. As if one of her was not enough there is another (hence the name Twin), her twin sister, who the two together plan to start their own clothing line, probably very soon. The two get along very well, hang out a lot and bringing that bond into the business world may provide instant success as long as the two continue to have each other's back.
Designing clothes and anything that deals with "FASHION" is Denita's "PASSION", which she intends to take mainstream. She has a lot to bring to the fashion industry and beyond. While being a student and planning her way into the fashion industry she also does some modeling and acting. Becoming a professional model or actress may not be a major goal for her as much as getting her Bachelor's Degree and starting a clothing line but it is something that may bridge the gap she needs to be successful in the fashion industry.
However, like anything else Twin does she takes it seriously, tries to be the best at it and get the most out of it as possible. Twin is by no means a beginner either, she has appeared in Hair magazines, films and videos. She has other things in the works as well. More can be seen of her on her Relationship and family plans are not out of mind either for she says "WHERE THERE IS BAD, THERE IS GOOD!"


Denita M.Benson - Experience

"I'm a graduate student at International Academy of Designs & Technology where I studied Fashion Designs / Visual Presentation. I Love designing clothes, working out, doing gymnastics, roller skating (my life)dancing (hip hop, jazz, african and club dance)and coaching cheerleading at my former High School. I have an identical twin sister, so if you would like to shoot both of us at the same time, hit me up here or @ - Twin

Interested in:

Art, Print, Runway, Commercial, Headshot, Video, Swimwear, Lingerie, Glamour, Film / Video, Other


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