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About Sean Hickey

Confronting people’s traditional boundaries regarding male sexuality, the body (and all its parts). Sean’s main goal is to physically express human sexuality without perversion, and to prove the male form as an artistic equal to the female form. Both challenging and sensitive, his vision succeeds to create a body of work that portrays men, sometimes meek and hesitant but yet entirely exposed and infused with beauty.

Not wilfully motivated to shock for effect, Sean’s repertoire nevertheless incorporates gender, desire, mythology and the macabre as a defiant physical expression of sexuality and the exploration of humanity through self analysis.

Through his creations, he casts a dream-world of unearthly, yet fragile and self aware male beauty. His interest lies in exploring the mystery and magic of mundane and enthused expression of simply BEING…pure and simple.

35-year-old, Zimbabwean-born Sean regards the contradictions and “protective” hypocrisy of sexual and artistic repression (and the subsequent unfettered, yet inevitable sexual exuberance (that came later) while growing up as an “repressed” artist in a very Christian town as inspiration to express himself through his art. Fresh from high school he moved to Sweden and started to develop his talent and his name internationally, as a photographer. Now residing between Johannesburg and London, Sean is working on numerous personal projects, creating new works for publications and preparing new works for exhibition.

Sean Hickey - Experience

Zimbabwean born and raised, London based photographer Sean Hickey gravitates towards creating images that walk the fine line between fine art, fashion and eroticism. Though only capturing a moment in time with each snap of the shutter, his creative intent is to birth beautiful, thought provoking pictures that create an everlasting footprint in the viewers mind.

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