Samantha James

Winston-Salem, North Carolina
United States
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
United States

Samantha James

I gained some wight that I'm working on losing. For the time being, I'm taking a hiatus from most modeling work. If your project is oriented toward shooting chubby, curvy, and overweight women, then I'll still work with you. Otherwise, we should wait until I'm back in shape.

Money's tight for everyone right now, I understand this. Be aware that that includes me. Right now I can't afford do photo shoots unless I'm monetarily compensated OR given the rights to use and sell the pictures as I please (though the second option isn't a guarantee). I'll also need gas compensation for most out-of-town shoots. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

I enjoy modeling of all kinds. If there's a style I haven't done before, I'd love to try it. I enjoy both solo shoots and shoots with other models. I'm very flexible and open-minded to concepts of all shapes and sizes, so please don't be afraid to share your ideas with me.

I always bring an escort with me and refuse to do any shoots without one. If you can't work with someone else around, I can't work with you. This is not a subject I'm willing to compromise on. However, all my escorts are 100% unobtrusive and are people that no one has ever had a problem with. They'll give help in reasonable ways or offer opinions, but ONLY if you ask them to. Otherwise, they'll just stay out of the way.

Location/gas compensation:
I am living in Winston-Salem, NC and will charge gas compensation from that location with only one exception: if I'm out of town for either a shoot or personal reasons, I will charge from that location. I'll have that listed on my schedule as a reference.

If I schedule a shoot with you, I will be there. I take modeling very seriously, and I consider every assignment to be a professional commitment. If I can't make it or expect to be late, I will give you a call in advance. I expect the same courtesy in return.

I'm available any day of the week. I'm a night owl so I prefer afternoon, evening, or night shoots. I'm absolutely willing to do morning shoots, though, as long as you're okay with coffee and yawning. I need to have a shoot fully planned and confirmed at least four days in advance. I generally only do one shoot a day but may make exceptions if the shoots are close enough to each other (which would reduce the cost of gas for each photographer). I work on a "first come, first serve" basis.

09/17/14 - Wednesday - Wilkesboro, NC
09/21/14 - Sunday - Social engagement
10/11/14 - Saturday - through...
10/17/14 - Friday - Northern Outer Banks area, NC
10/31/14 - Friday - Social engagement
11/01/14 - Saturday - Social engagement
11/11/14 - Tuesday - Social engagement
11/12/14 - Wednesday - Social engagement
11/27/14 - Thursday - Social engagement
12/24/14 - Wednesday - Social engagement
12/25/14 - Thursday - Social engagement
12/26/14 - Friday - Social engagement
12/31/14 - Wednesday - Social engagement
01/01/15 - Thursday - Social engagement
03/17/15 - Tuesday - Social engagement
03/29/14 - Saturday - Social engagement
03/30/14 - Sunday - Social engagement
04/01/14 - Tuesday - Social engagement
04/20/14 - Sunday - Social engagement
04/26/14 - Saturday - Social engagement
07/04/14 - Friday - Social engagement
07/10/14 - Thursday - Social engagement
07/11/14 - Friday - Social engagement