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Herriman, Utah
United States


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About Saltaire Visuals

Photographing models may not be my full time job, but I am a full time professional photographer / videographer. I am offering my time and skills as TF and only offering that. Do not send me your rate card, I'm not paying anyone in anything but edited or unedited images from the shoots.

Saltaire Visuals - Experience

After a long, 4 year break, I'm back. While away my location has changed 3 times, From Colorado, to Kentucky, Then Tennessee and now Northern Utah.

Over my 50+ years of life and more than 30 years in photography, I have literally worked all over this little world we're on.

I have done nearly every form of photography there is to do except porn, "Not My Thing". I am NOT the Best but certainly not the worst either, I think I hold my own well. I am first and last professional in my attitude and love my craft.

I am looking to shoot for the following; Females age 18-50, healthy hair, clear skin, reliable. Ability to pose, take direction, be imaginative, emote, and be comfortable with their own body image is a must! Before we get deeper into this, please don't contact me about shooting with you and ask me about availability then ask me if I want to know your rates. The answer will be a resounding NO. I am either offering my services as TF or I will be sure to communicate in my first response that I am charging with my rate sheet straight off the top. Also be prepared to prove you are at least 18 years of age or older. I do not work with minors at all by my own choice. I'm not here to teach, I set up the shots and execute camera operations.

If you are not wanting to be shot in any form of nudity, I am more than willing to create wonderfully crafted images that stand up on their own artistically, with you and we will still have fun doing so.

Need an escort to work with me? Well here's my view. The ONLY people who should be at the shoot are professionals, Model, Photographer, MUA, Dresser and such. No Boy friends, Mom's Dad's or Relatives. It is a sure fire way to create drama. I work hard to provide a safe, professional setting for everyone involved, so if you must bring your Boyfriend, Husband or other family member, don't bother. You're not ready yet.

I am no longer a full time modeling photographer so this is now a personal creative outlet for me as I work full time as a Local TV News Photojournalist which has a great deal of demands on my availability.

My schedule is VERY UNPREDICTABLE due to my main Job. I am ONLY Available Mon - Friday from 9a till 1p and Occasional Saturdays from Before Daybreak till Mid-day unless I pre-arrange a location shoot remotely away from the Ogden, SLC , Provo areas.
I will schedule shoots outside of the area in Summers such as MOAB, Canyonlands, White Sands and the Dunes.

I am doing LOCATION shoots, not a photo studio, and I think you'll see by my work, I pull off working with available lighting and a small travel light kit very well. I will offer to use my home which lends itself as a studio because of the large open spaces I have and great natural light too.

I am more than likely old enough to be your Father and not some hormone deranged horn dog guy with a camera and a smooth line. I take what I do very seriously, yet I work to make the shoot fun for you and rewarding through the images we will create together working with a common goal in mind.

Having me shoot for you is 100% collaboration. Everything shot is talked about and agreed upon by both of us. I want emotion, and vulnerability to show in every frame we shoot. You want the best light, color, tone, and composition I can muster.

I am honest and will tell you if I feel I cannot do something or if I feel you do not measure up. I am always open to your ideas and willingness to dare yourself. I DO NOT offer Paid work, Makeup Artists or Wardrobe, all that is in your hands. I do not expect to be paid for what I will offer to do either. I am available In the Salt Lake and Utah Lake areas and on occasion in Moab and other Utah Landmarks.

I love to work with available light but also have portable lighting as needed. I love location shooting indoors or out.

What you get from me, Raw digital images either directly loaded to your computer or via download from my Cloud service. You get a professional who will only share with you what you want and all rights to the images we co-create. I will only make suggestions for poses and looks, not demands. I am easy to work with and if you like to laugh, I tell very corny "lame" jokes. I like to have fun and I want your first shoot with me to be fun and rewarding enough to make you wanna shoot again and again and even invite your friends to shoot with me.

If I sent you a friend request or accepted one, it means I would be honored to work "WITH" you to create artistic and useful images! My personal contact info is available below.

I can also offer video if you have an idea of a Music Video or to video document your photo shoot. Video just adds a new element to your book showing not only movement but more personality. I will work with other photographers as a second camera or video documentation.

I do offer editing for still and video work. I am doing TF Shoots and for those who have a large project in mind I do Freelance work at Union Scale.

If you are wanting to know what I would like to how I would like to photograph you like or what ideas I like, just visit my linked list here on MM or my Pinterest link below. The list is growing.

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SnapChat: Uh My Phone Number is below
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Phone #801-388-6642 Please txt me first... I usually have the ringer off.

My Stats are,
Age: 52 1963-2015
Shoe Size: 11.5
Hair: Yes, oh I mean Blonde Grey
Sex: With my wife
Height: 6 ft I think
Weight: I have a poor body image
Sizes: I said I have a Poor Body Image
Favorite Food: Chili, Beer, Chili, Beer and Steak
Favorite Color: Charcoal Grey

Interested in:

Portrait, Landscape, Commercial, Art, Sports, Journalism, Architecture, Figure Study


Digital, Video, Photography

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