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Ron Black, Photographer

Providence, Rhode Island
United States

About Ron Black, Photographer

Ron Black is a photographer with an excellent grasp of his craft- photography. Photography has always played an important and deep role in his life, but in the last few years he has immersed himself into the world of professional imaging, both as a career and a personal passion. For close to 30 years, both professionally and personally, his energy has evolved around photography. Ronís experience is broad, working as a photographer in both the studio and in the field. His work ranges from portraits and commercial photography to tourism, nature and landscape photography, as well as a variety of artistic photographic works. Ronís artistic photographic style captures the world around him, showing its beauty, and asking us to pause and reflect upon it. His style is a mixture of his thorough understanding of his photographic tools, his artistic capabilities and his wide range of experience that allows for the creation of outstanding images that will likely exceed your expectations.

Ron Black, Photographer - Experience

Before I photograph anything, I try to imagine how I want the final images to look. These are never my favorite pictures of the subject. I experiment and try to capture the subject from multiple perspectives and with different lighting conditions. I often return to the same shot over and over until I am satisfied with my results. My goal is to capture the true beauty of the subject and my personal point of view. I am not trying to just document the scene, but rather I am trying to permanently record the subject that I find interesting. Not being jaded by the so called correct way to take pictures leaves me to my own devices. There is no right way or wrong way to produce art.

Ron has been active in the art world for close to 30 years. He is a well rounded artist with an eye for design. Ron has gallery showings of his work in New York city and Rhode Island. He has worked in the graphic design, advertising, and newspaper industries. Since 2007 he has been an independent photographer and artist working in many directions, including models, rock bands, and web and graphic designers.

Interested in:

Portrait, Landscape, Commercial, Art, Architecture, Figure Study



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