Retoucher Holly

York, Pennsylvania
United States
York, Pennsylvania
United States

Retoucher Holly

About Me:
My name is Holly Tillman and I specialize in retouching, design, and photo-manipulation. I have been retouching for 3+ years and am using CS5. I can create various different results and styles of retouching (skin texture intact, natural, smoothed, airbrushed, however you want your image to look). In addition to retouching, I offer design services. Currently I am a college student with graphic design as my major and photography as my minor. Please read below for details about my services and prices.

Services I offer:
-Basic retouching
$5 per image

-Headshots/beauty images
$7 per image

-Photo-manipulation/background change
$10 (this price includes retouching)

-Advertisements (for models, photographers, any business, etc.)
$20+ depending on the size of the ad, number of photos, and complexity

-Book covers/layouts/spreads
Price depends on the amount of pages, content, and what needs to be done. Please contact me with these details and I will give you a quote.

-Logo design
Price depends on amount of work, if there is a vector image to be draw or if it is just text. Price also depends on whether or not you have sketches of how you want the logo to look or if I have to come up with sketches and ideas for your logo.

-Anything else, please ask

Turnaround Time:
The turnaround time for retouching photos depends on the number of photos you have for me to do. I start working on the photos you send me as soon as I get them. For retouching it usually takes 1-3 days for several images. Turnaround time also depends on the amount of work I have since I'm a full-time college student. During the summer my hours are much more flexible and I will have quicker turnaround times.

Editing Process:
-Please contact me if you want your images edited
-Give me details and instructions about the way you want your image retouched
-I will give you a quote for the work (bulk rates might be available based on number of images)
-Send the image to this email address:
-I will work on your image(s) and send you watermarked previews for you to review
-You can request any changes you want made and I will make them
-Once you are satisfied with the image(s) I will send you a payment request using PayPal (I also accept Western Union and Money Gram, but PayPal is preferred)
-When I receive the payment I will send you the images without the watermarks

-Very limited (majority of my work is paid)
-Only if it is being published and I will receive credit and a copy of the publication
-Or if I contact you specifically or respond to your casting call about TF work

More Examples of Work:
Here is the link to my portfolio:


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