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Madison, Wisconsin
United States


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About Bea

Credits to be added. References upon request

Bea - Experience

Love me?
So shoot me.

I am a nude Art model. I am solely interested in being be photographed bare. Also drawn, sculpted and printed.
I am fearless and ambitious.

I will work to try to get the images you created in your head into a real life image. The best I can.
I promise,

My inspiration? Emil Schildt

My personality type? INTJ

Currently I am mostly (mostly, not all) doing Paid Assignments only. I will not turn down any work that appeals to my creative side.

I will still offer gladly time for travel. (I don't mind collaborating with several artists to make this happen. )
Time for Charity
I will always take in consideration the cost to the photographer. Such as costuming, travel, MUA eci.

Creative and zestful shoots get priority, period.

I am professional. I am dependable and will never stand you up. If I am going to be late I will call. If there be a need to cancel I will give notice.

From the horse's mouth:

"You are a pleasure is work with. A muse like no other. A creatively independent inspiration to my work. I almost could not keep up. You love your work to the point of masochism. You not only have outer beauty but an electric inner beauty that is shocking. I regret only we did have more time." ~a weekend shoot. I ate, slept and breathed Jeffery Sparks.

I am an experienced art model and have a very strong bohemian side. I don't model for money or to make a career out of it I
enjoy the work. So I only work with photographers that make it enjoyable. Appeal to my right brain= appeal to me.

I've left up my old casting calls so you may see what I am interested in doing. When I get a creative itch I post up my ideas.

****For all nudes****
This must be contracted in
""No photos or media of the models inner vaginal lips (labia minora), vaginal opening, clitoris, or anus may be used, shown, licensed, sold distributed or published in any way. The photographs or other media may not be used on, sold to, or associated with any "adult", "pay", and or pornographic websites or publications."

the tattoo on my ear is very real and though I happen to like him very much. You may not...if you don't he can be photo shopped out

Interested in:

Art, Print, Headshot, Nude, Other


Travel Schedule

No travel events scheduled.

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