Autumn Stone

NYC, New York
United States
NYC, New York
United States

Autumn Stone

*National Award-Winning Composer (MENC) 2002

*National Honor Roll two years in a row.

*Professional Violin.

*I play piano, and all other string instruments.

*Perfect Pitch.

*I play Violin, Keyboard, and sing for a local rock band, called, The Plague.

*Award-Winning , Best Actress, Lead/Katie, for the Play, "Bang, Bang, You're Dead" 2002

*Volunteer for the Spokoane Schools HUB Program; and after school program to help At Risk Youth. One year.

*Attended The Orange County High School of the Arts in O.C., CA, for one year, as an Instrumental Music Student.

*Actress for commercials, videos, and Theatre.

*Have MUA & Styling talents.

*Creative Writing Skills.

*Yoga, Fitness, & Health.

*Bowling , Animals & Vollyball.

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