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Peter Stanton (AKA Mastertouch) has been a largely self taught fine art / fetish photographer for the past five years and graphic designer for thirty years. He toured Australia during the heady days of the mid 80’s as a bassist with industrial hard rock bands and also enjoyed some notoriety as a DJ/producer. It was during this time he first used the Mastertouch tag.

After being introduced into the subculture of the Sydney fetish scene in early 2002, he immersed himself in the lifestyle and soon found himself inspired to capture his experiences through his new found love of photography. With a strong skill set in rope bondage, he was invited to co moderate the Rope Australia list and his bondage photography soon turned heads.

He began his art by shooting friends without the aid of expensive hi tech equipment, relying on dialog, natural light and post editing skills, building the style that is now tongue in cheek referred to as ‘the Sinnfactory’. Through the combination of his alternative lifestyle, his history as a hedonistic rock musician and classic elements of fine art sensibilities, he has created a unique style that is evocative, rich, sometimes challenging and extremely personal.

Stanton’s work has appeared in promotional material and has also become popular on various art websites. His art and lifestyle is inextricably connected, which adds a more personal energy to each image. One cannot exist without the other.

Unlike a lot of contemporary fetish photographers, Stanton seeks to capture the raw essence of the experience on an emotional level rather than a blatantly physical one. The viewer needs to be moved, confronted and challenged in some way by each image, rather than admired from a purely aesthetic standpoint.

To translate this vision, MT collaborates with people that inspire and engage him (such as international iconic fetish model Kumi) rather than merely working with ‘models’. As a result, each set has an original and intimate energy which keeps the style, vision and his skill set constantly evolving. Collaborating with those muses that share the Sinnfactory vision also continues to challenge his own view and perceptions of how his art allows itself to evolve.

Stanton’s lack of formal training in photography but strong design skills and natural artistic acumen, has allowed him to experiment freely without the restriction of convention. His use of digital media has allowed him to explore a wide range of possibilities in his lighting, effects and editing.

His work at times draws influences as diverse as the neo romantic era to the fine art of the modern Russian photographers and classic Americana togs such as Liebowitz with a healthy sprinkle of satire and pulp magazine art thrown in for good measure.

Working both in his home studio and more recently on location, Stanton uses his crude equipment more intuitively to compliment the energy of a concept best, rather than follow strict technical rule. He uses smoke machines, textures, fans and artificial light to capture a mood as opposed to an effect. This more instinctive approach is what primarily led to the evolution of his signature style.

In order to expand further however, Stanton aims to hone his technical skill further and raise the standard of his work to the professional level suitable for an international market. He seeks to further challenge his boundaries through further location work, refining his techniques and to continue to collaborating with interesting new people that will invest in his long term vision.

Stanton’s main goal is for his vision to become world renowned in the fetish and alternative photography scene. To stand proudly on a world stage and to ultimately evolve into the definitive Australian fetish studio.

Peter Stanton - Experience

..: Alternative Fetish + fine art photographer located in Sydney Australia :..

fine art nudes | bondage and discipline | fetishism | dark alternative | gothic beauties | horror erotica | tattoo and body mods

I am currently offering very limited TFCD (time for images on CD) test shoots... Experienced or novice, each project is on a case by case basis...

This will involve some level of fetish, as well as partial to full nudity... if you are not comfortable with nudity please state so up front... More importantly, take the time to look thru my portfolio and ask yourself honestly if you can see yourself in there...

I have a small studio in the Hills district of Sydney where I do the majority of my work and I am setting up a more portable rig for select location work... However all test work I do in my studio...

I hope to add to my "core" of creative collaborators to work towards a solid body of work we all can be proud of... All work at this time is on a TFCD basis... no exceptions!

My main vision is to discover and develop a look and style with creative folk that are commited to invensting the time and creative energy into a common vision.

If you are looking for an oportunity to develop and finetune a unique and dynamic image and style, drop me a note and see what we can arrange. Think one third rock star, one third porn star and one third your own personality into the mix....

PLEASE NOTE: I no longer shoot pinup or cheezecake!!! sorry gang but I just aint 'feelin' it... there are lots of photographers out there who are a lot more passionate about the style than I am...

email me directly on

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Portrait, Art, Boudoir, Figure Study


Digital, Photography

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