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Marketa Fei

Richmond, Indiana
United States

About Marketa Fei

I have sixteen years of dance experience (recently in Slovak Folk, Modern, Square Dancing, and Dabki [a type of bellydance]), several years' acting experience, and a fair amount of modeling experience. I'm also a trained markswoman, learning poi, and have been trained in Sword and Shield for stage. I can knit and cross-stitch. I speak English, Spanish, and ASL conversationally, and can, additionally, read from a script in Interlingua, Slovak, Czech, Slovenian, Polish, and possibly more with some advanced warning. I can read Mandarin if provided with pinyin in advance. Thank you!

I have a passport and am also willing to book other places as long as travel expenses are paid. Availability calendar link provided on request if you'd like to book. If you're located in Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Cleveland, Louisville, or Indianapolis, or you'd just feel more comfortable booking me through my agency, contact Heyman Talent via my personal page on their website ( ) or the phone number listed thereon. Thank you!

I'm ALWAYS very interested in really "weird" concepts or ideas for shoots! I especially enjoy wearing things that aren't technically clothes. This does not mean that I'll necessarily take anything, but I won't refuse something without having (and giving you) a good reason! Please feel free to ask to see additional types of shots if you're thinking about booking!

If I ask for an address for the shoot, feel free to give a second "let's meet here" address, but I also need to know an address for the actual shoot location. I don't want to bring random people with me, but I do want people to know where I am. Additionally, once a concept is chosen for a shoot, while it can be altered slightly, I will not be willing to dramatically change it in most cases, especially within the week of the shoot. I put a lot of prep work into my shoots, and it's important to me that I be able to produce a quality of work which reflects that. I simply can't produce images of the same quality as the ones for which I've prepared in advance if the theme of the shoot is changed just beforehand. Thank you!

I'm only taking TF shoots if they are to be held in Richmond, Indiana and I will receive something I can use for my agency book at the moment, because I don't have very much free time during the school year to travel for TF.

A note on scheduling: I'm currently in a play, for which rehearsals have yet to be scheduled. Tentatively, I should know Monday, September 5.

Marketa Fei - Experience

A list of photographers, wardrobe stylists, hair stylists, makeup artists, and other artists with whom I've worked, as well as a theatre/film resume, are available on request.

Interested in:

Art, Print, Commercial, Headshot, Video, Swimwear, Lingerie, Nude, Erotic, Glamour, Stage, Film / Video, Other


Travel Schedule

No travel events scheduled.

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