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     Mark Fix Photography   

Mark Fix Photography Portfolios

Bridal, Special Events, Wedding
Bridal, Special Event, Wedding Primarily high quality medium format photography. Mark Fix Photography specializes in portraiture, on location. "Traditional and Photojournalistic" styles. Contact us for a quote.

Business and Family Portraits
Business and Family Portraits

Commercial Images I
Commercial Images. Includes product, catalog, stock photos, and licensed images. We have colorful images of hot air balloons, western wildlife, scenics, outdoor sports, etc. We are represented by Zuma Press for editorial images and assignments.

Commercial Images II
Additional commercial, stock, and published images.

Dances and Special Events
Corporate, Stage, Theatrical, Special Events, Proms and Dances.

Model Portfolios II
Select Modeling Portfolio images

Modeling Portfolios
Models and model composite images.

Portraits I Seniors
Senior Portraits

Portraits II Seniors
More Senior Portraits

Scenic Images
Scenic Images

Special Events
A compilation of special event images of significance, if to no one, other than the photographer.

Special Events - Stage
Images of Stage Events, such as Pageants, Theatrical Presentations, Runway, etc.