Marc Wainwright Photography


Of rapidly growing international repute…. Marc Wainwright’s focus is on people, portraits, fashion, lingerie, nudes and social commentary.

He was brought up in the rolling green countryside of Gloucestershire, and since then has lived and worked all over the world.

His work is wide ranging and eclectic, et il’adore the random and a touch of fun and mild humour that goes with it.

He loves people. In fact he loves people of all shapes and sizes and backgrounds, and in whatever circumstances they find themselves in.

He specialises in taking edgy shots of those, and groups of those who are self evidently real characters, free and enjoying living.

For the most part he wants the images of them to be unposed. So they are, as they are …. however unsetelling that might be to some. He tries not over crop the context of their settings as for him this provides a sort of social commentary that tries to dig beneath the surface and challenges the boundaries of portraiture. This he holds dear to himself. In their turn his portraits have become very dear to a large number of my subjects; held quite precious, possibly because they seem to have an almost timeless quality. For the most part they are reasonably good or they are simply good fun. Whatever, they do live on.

As Marc say’s, “Rare the evanecsent echo, that eeks out existence in the palps of time”.



Experience - lots of commissions over the years, focussing mainly on Runway, Editorial, Fine Portraits, Fashion, Lingerie, Glamour/Artistic nude and more latterly edgy/sensual Boudoir work.

You can find some slightly more edgy stuff amongst the 50 or so shots at

And perhaps better still, you can get an idea of the vast range of my work at ...
where in excess of some 500 or so examples of my most recent work can be browsed.

Of late, I've also been exploring the Creative Artist in me, where my photographic material now helps form the basis for development of some major works of toujours je t'adore le random! See the Saatchi Gallery at

My standard rates for photography including a DVD of the first cut edits post shoot are:
a) High End Indoor shoot: home/location/studio from £320 for a 4-5 hours shoot (depending on your requirements for MUAs and Stylists, Location, Lighting and Backdrops/Set design and creation)
b) Standard Indoor shoot (without MUAs etc): home/location/studio for 3 hours min from £180
c) Outdoor shoot (without MUA's etc) for min 3 hours from £120
d) Mixed Indoor & Outdoor Location shoot (without MUA's etc) for min 3 hours from £150
e) Boudoir Shoots; Both Lingerie & Nude (own location) min 3 hrs from £140
f) 3hr Port Build Requests: Combined Fashion + Lingerie + Swimwear + Nude are discounted to £90 and reserved for beginners only. Additional hours by negotiation. The best 3 Models each month will also be put onto the MarcW highly recommended list.

In between fee paid work, it's a pleasure to be able to help one or two models who are over 21 update their ports on a TF-DVD basis.

Interested in:

  • Portrait
  • Commercial
  • Boudoir
  • Figure Study
  • Mediums

  • Digital
  • Painting
  • Video
  • Other
  • Photography
  • Drawing