Mandee Convery

Virginia Beach, Virginia
United States
Virginia Beach, Virginia
United States

Mandee Convery

Hello there! My name is Mandee, and I am twenty years old. I'm both married and in the military, but currently, I have a lot of free time on my hands. I will be in the Virginia Beach area for another year or so. Also, I am from Philly, and go home whenever possible, which lately has been frequently.

I'm a photography enthusiast, looking to get more into portraiture photography. I'm looking for models of all shapes, sizes, and colors! Hopefully with a little body and facial awareness, though I'm willing to work with anyone. I don't have a real studio, but I do have a couple different backdrops which I set up in my dining room. Our shoots could either be here, or more outdoors.
I currently own a Nikon P90 camera, which is a point and shoot with manual features. The pictures come out beautifully!

I have so many ideas for shoots, I just need the right people to photograph! All ideas and suggestions are welcome as well. Also, make-up is a little hobby of mine, so if you cannot, or do not want to do it yourself, I will have fun doing it for you. Just make sure to bring a base cover-up I can use for your skin tone!

Forewarning, I do not drive, so anywhere we go, I will most likely have an escort with me. Most likely my friend, and fellow photography enthusiast!

I've included a couple portraiture shots, as well as some of my favorite nature shots.

If you're interested, and would like to set up shoots, just leave a comment, or send me an e-mail: I have no rates, and I will also not be paying models, this is strictly TFP! Let's build out portfolios. Thanks, guys!

Near Future Project Shoots;
-Queen of Hearts
-Casual in Nature
-Alternative Artistic

Long Time Future Goals;
-Build a 50 picture portfolio (electronic and real)
-Work on my portraiture and editing techniques
-Take photography classes
-Become a semi to professional photographer