Larry West

Huntsville, Alabama
United States
Huntsville, Alabama
United States

Larry West


I'm willing to do TFP/CD work for aspiring models that have the dedication, and positive attitude to be a pro.



I started as a newspaper photographer in Ohio, moved down here 20 years ago and have done freelance work ever since, shooting commercial, weddings, and helping models up-date thier portfolios.

This site appears to be a DUD.

I operate by deadlines and time scheduals, if you don't read your mail but once a week, then your not interested enough in modeling,

I shoot outdoors at your location, I have a studio here also.

IF you are under 18 yrs old, I can NOT talk about using you. I can only talk directely to your parents or gaurdian.

Interested in:

  • Wedding
  • Portrait
  • Commercial
  • Boudoir
  • Figure Study
  • Mediums

  • Digital
  • Photography