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Los Angeles, California
United States

About NJ

I'm a professional and freelance filmmaker who does photography as a fun hobby on the side. I've lived and worked in the New England area, New York City, and now (recently) Los Angeles. I've done a lot of photo work for actress/model friends in the past, mostly on the other side of the country in a different life.

I'm just starting to try to branch out into doing more photography now that I'm on a new coast and am looking to make new acquaintances and friends for new shoots, whether they're headshots, portfolio fillers, or fun/creative projects someone's just itching to get done whatever it is I'm down to do it and I'm down to do it low pay or TFP.

A lot of my samples are are from the east coast with different budgets and equipment, but now that I'm in LA I'm running fairly low key and building up again basic DSLR, basic lighting equipment, no studio spaces or cyc's of my own. I'm pretty great at making a lot from nothing though. It's kind of the filmmaker way, haha. I'm also honestly willing to shoot pretty much anything, too. I want to get more experience with passionate people who have solid ideas, amazing photo presence and talent, amateur or professional, which is why I'm very open to doing some free work.

If you have a specific genre of photo set you've been dying to do, need something specific for your portfolio, or are simply interested in collaborating creatively I'm a great and easy option.

Because I'm doing this for the fun and love of it, I offer anyone looking to work with me my full services:
quick delivery on all photos taken (day of delivery for all unedited material if wanted)
touchup/post work on selects
I'm willing to travel quite a distance
flexibility with content and creativity (honestly, I'll shoot anything as long as there's some merit to it)
the utmost respect and care for your image, art, and safety

I'm very new and need to figure out a lot of the lingo and such, but if you'd like to work with me feel free to say hi and we'll start figuring out something great!
IG: magpiephotoig

NJ - Experience

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Portrait, Art, Other, Boudoir, Figure Study


Digital, Video, Photography

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