Maura Lani

Marriottsville, Maryland
United States

Maura Lani

Marriottsville, Maryland
United States

Maura Lani


I'm a 21 year old student studying English and History at Stevenson University and a part time plus size model. I've been doing part time modeling work at my school for student photographers and have accumulated some experience through these photographers. I am very ambitious and take directions very well and I always bring a positive attitude to set.

I am a scuba diver in my spare time and travel quite a bit for that purpose. I hope someday I can travel for fashion related opportunities.

I definitely have a competitive streak because I play tennis for my school. I've been playing tennis for over 10 years and continue to be active in order to stay on top of my game.

I am willing to learn but also confident in my abilities and I think I would make a great model because of my dedication and my positive attitude.

Though I do do nude shoots I will be extremely careful of who I do them with and would prefer to do them in a studio. I will always bring an escort unless the photographer and I have worked out something. Also, as a student, funds are tight so I cannot pay for shoots and though I would like mostly paid assignments, I would like to do some unpaid to build my portfolio as well.

My passion is most certainly high fashion and edgy glamour. I love collaborating with interesting and creative photographers and am very directable and enthusiastic.

As a plus size girl modeling always seemed out of reach but with the encouragement of my friends and family I'm finding out how possible this is for me. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity, the people who've gotten me here, and the helpful and kind comments of the great people from this fantastic site.



Last year I competed in and won a modeling competition called Modelista.

The original Modelista (previously known as Eldersburg's Next Top Model) is a summer-long event that tests its competitors on a wealth of fashion topics from photography to runway to personal style. Over the course of the summer, models participate in several photo shoots and runway shows with various themes. At the end of the summer, each model assembles a portfolio of their best work and the model with the best portfolio is crowned the winner.

I am now a panel member for Modelista and we've just started our 3rd Cycle!

Interested in:

  • Runway
  • Commercial
  • Nude
  • Plus Model
  • Mediums