MacKenzie Taylor

Blue Springs, Missouri
United States
Blue Springs, Missouri
United States

MacKenzie Taylor

*****PLEASE NOTE*****

When replying, please provide the following:
* show sample of work (online or by email)
* project description
* location
* availability
* length of shoot
* compensation offered


*All rates are negotiable*


I am more than willing to travel for shoots, however rates will be adjusted to include travel expenses, lodging, etc.

****Note on Nudity****

I believe that implied nudity or slight nudity can be incorporated into photos in a tasteful and artistic manner.
I do not however see any appeal in distasteful nudity, especially those styles that are sexually suggestive, etc. I would like to ask that if you are interested in hiring models for sexually suggestive or pornographic work that you concentrate your efforts on other models. I will apologize ahead of time and let you know now that I am not interested in those fields of work.