Fetish Model Madame Jynx

New Haven, Connecticut
United States
New Haven, Connecticut
United States

Fetish Model Madame Jynx

This multi talented (and published!) model is always looking for new projects!

Not interested in Porn or explicit nudity OR TFP!

All out of state bookings must include travel compensation, and a deposit.


And since I really am terrible at writing about myself, I'm going to let others speak for me.

"She's a hell-cat at only 5'4", but model worthy all the same." -Donna Ricci

"She was so much fun to work with and a great conversationalist. Her flexibility, willingness and professionalism are all appreciated, a truly memorable working experience." -David Lawrence

"Jynx moves around in a shot in ways that mirror the actually space and location of where you are shooting...from the shots that I have seen of her she was very serious and very beautiful in that statuesque nature...upon meeting her...I learned that not only can she hit these poses and really evoke emotion, but also is really alot of fun to shoot with." -S. Jenx

"Madame Jynx is a pleasure to work with. on time and professional in every sense. comes with a wide assortment of outfits to choose from as well, making the photographers job even easier." -Steve Azzara

"Words escape me. Besides her genetic beauty, Jynx is a
straightforward professional - A pleasure to work with. I truly look forward to the opportunity to work with her again." -Yani
"You are one of the most hard working, dedicated and truely beautiful models in this biz! Simply Awesome Girl!
Great to see you at the gallery opening, and I look forward to more shoots in the future!
You Rock!"

"I love doing this girl's makeup, she rocks and is just a lot of fun. She is gorgeous to begin with and I love the challenge of making her more beautiful. Keep up the great work! And she drives this diva makeup artist. Can't beat that. One other fact everytime I do her makeup I am rushed, some day I will be able to take my time..."
-Lady J the Diva