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Faces of Nefertari Beauty
LITTLE ABOUT ME: Iím a MUA,HAIR,WARDROBE STYLIST I AM VERY UPDATED WITH STYLES I CAN MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE DIFFERENT ERA'S 3O'S -----2008 I LOVE MY JOB!!! Went to school for my AAdegree in business admin./marketing degree graduated with honors but couldn't find a job and stuck to being a artist. Spa for 10 years sold it after 911. I have been in the beauty business for 19 years its been in the family for generations Some of my training by Sephora for 5 years as there head artist/MANAGER OF COLOR and I know 75 makeup lines and 200 skin care lines by top artist. January 2008 trained in CEBU EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME YOU MUST GO THERE FOR YOUR PORT AND TO LEARN Fashion TV, special underwater makeup for shoots, fashion shoot for editorial and print work. I am the only one in the bay area for underwater shoot makeup that was taught by Fashion TV Philippines be careful they say they were taught but you really should know and ask questions and what to look for when it comes to underwater makeup. I was taught by a underwater professional and use special makeup for these shoots. I do lessons for underwater MAKEUP but not for free if you want to know quotes inquire within???? SHOW ME PICTURES AND I GET IT CLOSE OR EXACT !!!!!! It's funny they tell me I am the best in the Bay Area Hee hee!! maybe one day I will believe them I am just an artist MY EXPERIENCES RESUME UPON REQUEST!!!! 1.SPA OWNER FOR 10 YEARS AT THE AGE 25 STARTED 2.SEPHORA (JAN03-JULY07)HEAD MAKEUP ARTIST/COLOR LEAD TRAINED WITH HEAD ARTIST 75 MAKEUP LINES/ 200 SKIN CARE LINES 3.FILM IN SAN FRANCISCO 2007(CANT TAKE YOU ANYWHERE) MAKEUP ARTIST/ EXTRA 4.JANUARY 2008-FEB2008 TRAINED AT BIGFOOT ENTERTAINMENT/FTV UNDERWATER M-UP,FILM,EDITORIAL,PRINT THE ONLY ONE IN THE BAY AREA FOR UNDERWATER SHOOTS 5. PABLO B.CLOTHING HAIR/MUA/ASSIST WITH SHOOTS (CEBU) 6.) Tuan le Soleil designs HAIR/MUA/Assist with shoots (CEBU) 7.) Austrillian designer Cebu Jan. 2009 8.SPRING/SUMMER 2008 CATALOG FOR COUQUETTE DESIGNS 9.KRON 4 JUNE 4TH 2008 MAKEUP,EXTRA, IN COMMERCIAL below click on the links........... 10. Magazine cover Music and Fashion Santa Barbara Oct.08 out in the spring 11. RUNWAY FASHION SHOW 2004 academy of art SF hair/makeup 12. Suhaag International Multicultural (Indian,Pakistan, Persian, Afghanistan, Oriental) fashion show 2007, fashion show 2008 makeup and hair assist with fashion show Top Designers for Bollywood: Shekhar Rahate, Royal Fabrics & Boutique 13. HP experiment 2007- still working on it click on link below Ö innovation 14. Masih Designs #852228 fashion show 2009 in SF sweetest humbled designer the best!!! Did hair/makeup

Jenna head shot
elise in NY
elise in NY
floral head designs
shelby maria anntoinet...
Deanna in cebu
underwater makeup
kendal in escada
high fashion