Nirvana Strong

Seattle, Washington
United States
Seattle, Washington
United States

Nirvana Strong

+Currently booking shoots Monday-Friday anytime, occasional Saturdays (1 per month)+
I am a young, energetic, professional model and am in love with my job. I love being able to create beautiful art with my body in many mediums in addition to modeling. I am an adult entertainer, a BDSM Mistress and love to act, sing and dance all styles.
I am a safe and cautious individual and prefer to meet any and all people involved in each shoot before going to a private location, if there is an issue of time, I would at least like to talk on the phone and get a feel for who you are first. I normally work without an escort but might occasionaly want a model friend to do make up or be there for support.
Transportation is normally not an issue but if you would like to do an on-location shoot please provide transportation for me, otherwise if a bus goes there I can go there. I would love to travel for out of state shots, but I need time to plan and cannot afford at this time to pay my own way. If you give me a couple weeks notice and a plane ticket then we can talk.
I have good self-esteem and am a confident individule so constructive criticism is always welcome. If you like how I look or maybe just want to give me a few pointers, then contact me!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~I would love to shoot~~~~~~~~~~~
Photoshoot sessions start at 100$ for 1-3 hours of shooting or 300$ a day. I have a decent wardrobe but if something specific is needed that I don't have we can always cut a deal for wardrobe.

When contacting me about the shoot try and give as much detail as possible, such as theme, make up, hair, times and dates.

Great ideas are below:
-Body Paint
-Splattered Paint/Mud
-Climbing Trees
-Liquid Latex
-Bubble Bath
-Gasworks Park
-Take a dip
-Candle lit shoot
-Candles balanced on skin
-Different Eras specifically Renaissance
-American Indian
-Abandoned buildings
-Ghost towns
-Roof Tops
-Grafitti Walls
-Alley Ways
-BDSM in general
-Bath Tubs full of...
-Laundry Mat
I'm not scared of being cold
-Winter Nudes
-Angel wings!!!
-Things glued to skin for example:
-Bubble gum balls
-Shots with animals (I have an October 2009 Kitten)
-Rubber Ducks (I have 47+)
-Laundry Day
-Fit into a freezer, box, washer, tiny closet
-more to come

Really looking for shots with interesting things going on, not just lingiree. Locations, Props, and creativity will get you far. Might even get you TFCD.
Any trade work I expect to get some amazing shots that stand out with the work I have already done. I don't do it often but if you have an amazing idea or location let me see what I can do.

-White linnen dress size 3
-Leather, Latex, fetish wear
-Leather or Latex heels/boots size 5 or 6
-Spring dresses size 3
-Victoria Secret Bra 32 D
-Swim Suits
-Nice make up neon, hot pink, bright colors
-Tattoo Work
-Hair Color

Body Modifications:

I have a lip ring, two nipple rings, two cartiladge piercings on the left ear, two lobe piercings on the left ear, one lobe piercing on the right ear, and my navel pierced. These can be removed, except for the nipple piercings.

~~Lets make some Art!~~