Klawdya Rothschild

Washington, DC, District of Columbia
United States
Washington, DC, District of Columbia
United States

Klawdya Rothschild

Pittsburgh- Sep 23-25

I am looking to expand my portfolio and get more print work. I have an immense costume and props closet, I am a BONDAGE RIGGER, love to do extreme fetish work including self bondage and suspension.

I am interested in all kinds of shoots, esp fantasy and fetish oriented. I am also looking for photographers to collaborate with on projects, to do their projects with and to do my projects with. I work with several other models, and artists of all mediums to create unique multimedia experiences and publications as well as live shows.

I am a Professional fetish artist (photographer, make up, rigging, concept design, writer, director, producer, painter, etc etc)
website: http://www.propertyproject.org

More pictures of me:

I am also a Pro Domina

-I typically travel to NYC 5-6 times a year.

-I typically travel to San Diego 2-3 times a year (usually mid March and Mid August) which means that Los Angeles is easily accessible, and with notice and incentive as are the other cities in California and the surrounding areas.

-I anticipate traveling to Pittsburgh once every 2-3 months

-working on a Tarot Deck, "Thee Synchronetic Tarot" which will be printed and distributed internationally. see WWW.PROPERTYPROJECT.ORG for samples.
Staff Photographer for "Neoplatonistcore!" www.propertyproject.org/neoplatonistcore

PHOTOGRAPHERS and Studios I Have Recently Worked With:
Dr. K (www.frozencoffeemelting.com) #3133***********
Russ Waspe (www.twistedview.net) *****
James Radcliff- Dead Celebrity Productions ***
Bob Kemery/ North Coast Photography **
Kevin Hundsnurscher (www.elaisted.com) #143 *
Perfection City #19852 *
Kyle Cassidy #33216 *
Philip Forrest #51438 *
Satyr #84257**
Larry Bradby #1505**
Charles Jay Pilzer **
Valerie Place***
Bridgett Harrington #43416
Barbara Nitke*
Putz **********
Omega Maverick**********
John Allen Gibel*

**More References available upond request**

-My Hair is Currently BLONDE (although Id consider dying it to any colour for a shoot worth the effort), and as always is very long.
-3 tattoos, 1 on back large Ankh sigil, one on right leg a wrappin rose vine, and one on the back of my neck a barcode.
-Aside from my ears, I have 2 piercings: Nose Right Nostril, and tongue.
-I prefer creative alternative or fetish clothing to being nude, and I especially love shoots where just the nipples or pussy lips are showing and nothigng else, and variations of that. FETISH!
-My natural skin tone (without make up) is Olive and w/o makeup I have a Spanish or Mediterranean look (gypsy). I would *love* to work with photographers who can really utilize my skin tone and who do not request the typical pallour, although I also do that quite well.