Professional Physique Model

A little about our little sensual chef:

Alvin Koh
Alvin the Little Chef is perhaps one of the smallest champion bodybuilder in recent time. He is also multi-talented - as an International Physique Model, A Sensual Celebrity Chef Asia, Fitness Trainer, Sport Nutritionist, Musician, Interior Designer, Graphic Artist, Seminar Speaker, Poet , Author and self confessed Philosopher just to name a few of his talents has now decided to hit Down Under. Australia.
Alvin is a miracle man in many ways as he was born in the 1970’s with a hole in his heart and was never expected to live past the age of six years old. Now still living against all the odds, Alvin is alive, healthy and strong today pursuing and achieving many his impossible goals and dreams. Alvin may be a tiny man in height and weight but he has proved he has a spirit and heart the size of “Phar Lap” and the body the size of “SeaBiscuit”.in comparison.
WHY ?.... this little cute sexy chef with a difference Alvin Koh only weighs only 45 kilograms and stands 4feet 9 inches tall , Alvin Koh is a living oxymoron .4 FEET 9 INCHES SHORT is the truth of the matter .
Alvin made his first depute during his teens as a new bodybuilder 1990; where he quickly won the Junior National Bodybuilding Championship.He then went on to represent his country –Singapore,in the region’s bodybuilding championship; where he consistently placed top among guys who are much taller then him!
Alvin says “standing only at 4ft 9' realizes now his short coming has turned out to be his success and uniqueness, which has proven to be a blessing rather than a curse” at the end.
As a chef Alvin Koh he has been very successful in Singapore due to his innovative culinary flamboyant wizardry. Alvin also a successful nude male photographic model with an astonishing well proportioned physique he has self created good looks and loud flamboyance as a Singaporean.
Singapore normally known for rigid and strict laws and generally considered a conservative academic nation has nominated Alvin to be Singapore’s Food Ambassador Character Icon supported by the Singapore Government to let the world know Singapore is changing its ways with artistic and creative western world too. ..Singapore International Enterprises Government department has offered it’s full support to Alvin on his new mission to promote Singapore Food to the western world .
Alvin is one of a kind MINI MIGHTY MAN Body Builder Chef MASCULINE AND FEMINE all packaged together in a Modern Man - “New Age Era Artiste”, who is not afraid to show his gentle side to the world.

Today Alvin is an inspiration and living proof that “against all the odds” if he can do it,so can you achieve all your dreams if you truly believe in yourself. Alvin has been invited to many Asian corporate companies as an inspirational motivation guest speaker to inspire employees with low self esteem .Alvin had to become Vain about himself in his teenage days to build his confidence up as a mini little man in a big mans world today. Alvin says my manager sometimes calls me “ALVAIN KOH”….its ok to be a bit VAIN to become more confident in yourself as long as your remember to humble yourself and stay grounded when the lime light is around you.

Recently, Channel News Asia has produced two documentaries, each lasting half hour on Chef Alvin Koh, honoring him as Asia’s successful young entrepreneur and as the first local Icon to put on two hats, a chef’s and a celebrity’s. The documentary was telecasted throughout many countries in Asia.

On September 2004, his restaurant – The Porridge King has been conferred as “THE SINGAPORE HERITAGE RESTAURANT”. From body to sprit, this little Chef of Singapore has come a long way! The heritage Restaurant website is at:

Currently, Alvin resides in Singapore and he travels through and flow between parts of Asia and the USA. Strong passion for the camera still stirs waves in Alvin; he is still available for modeling assignment both overseas and locally. He plans to come back to the arena to compete one more time as a bodybuilder before his retirement.