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Eugene , Oregon
United States

About Kanndro

My paintings are mainly acrylic on watercolor paper. The techniques I'm usind are fine and it takes several weeks to several months to complete one painting.
I'm painting nudes with an emphasis on the feeling of fleshyness and softness in all body types of healthy women and also a focus on the vulva in a shunga style focused on the labia minora and majora and especially the Mons veneris.
Not all of my painting serieses are connected
You don't have to be in all serieses to be in one
I'm looking for
Yoga positions
Meditative positions
Tasteful erotic/fetish poses
Vulva and Mons veneris poses
Full nudes only
No pubic hair
Not a personal preference
Just not conducive to what I'm doing
I'm good with my cellphone camera
And I can get photos using it that will work for my paintings
I have poses in my head
One in particular that I really need
It's hard for me to find material
I look through hundreds sometimes thousands of images and only occasionally find one to paint
So my own photos are
becoming necessary.
Not being monetarily
Compensated For these
And I'm not offering compensation
It takes long hours, skill and perseverance to accomplish my paintings
Not to mention bravery in subject matter
But money is not necessary
When I'm done I will upload my painting of you
And you can do the same aswell.
If interested in being painted
Please contact Me on here
If you think you have something I might like to paint You can send me some photos to look over for painting material
Or if you live locally
Eugene or surrounding areas
I would love to meet with some models or photographers in Eugene to look over some of your photos ,talk about art and schedule something for my painting material
Not to mention fun and experience for all involved
look forward to creating
art with
And meeting some Amazing people

Kanndro - Experience

I am a very experienced artist
I have been drawing painting and sculpting my whole life
Found my grandmothers sketchbook when I was a couple years old and started trying to copy her still life
Later I would copy the characters from my first records cover
Mr gasser and the weirdos hot Rod hootenany, ads from horror magazines, thrasher and comics
That's how I started
I eventually had a few things published later
During a job study at a magazine
But shortly after that my portfolio with everything I had ever drawn was stolen.
years later I eventually started blowing glass
Taking a break from glass blowing now
To pursue my passion for painting
Influences are Salvador Dali, big daddy Ed Roth, giger, picaso, Helmut Newton, Clive Barker, Andy warhol and a heavy shunga art influence plus a whole lot more
(Just the tip of the iceberg)
I have my own style obviously
But you can see all my influences and occasional homage to them in my art
I'm just warming up
I have atleast 5 paintings I'm working on right now
And a lot More to come.
I have minimal experience
Photographing live models
But have an artist's eye
And would love to gain experience.
I love and live art
And I'd like to get my hands on as many mediums as possible
If you'd like to get to know more about who I am as an artist
And a person please checkout my Pinterest account
The user name is Kanndro
To see even more of my art
Check-out the Pinterest board called the art of Kanndro.
Thank you for your time
And assistance
You can contact me
On here, Pinterest, tumblr or Facebook just look for Kanndro or Kanndro Dabbington

Interested in:

Art, Other, Figure Study


Painting, Other, Photography, Drawing

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