San Diego/ LA, California
United States
San Diego/ LA, California
United States



I am from Oceanside, which is located in beautiful North County San Diego, CA, but I do travel up to Los Angels quite often. I have had quite allot of experience but am always looking for a challenge and an opportunity to market myself. Let me start off by telling you a little bit more about me. I am known to have many faces. I don’t give one look I have over 100. I try not to do the same thing in every picture. I love working with varieties of HAPPY photographers, I find my self around Happy people cause I start to get bored if they are boring. (So talk to me, make me laugh, make me feel sexy) and you will get just that in the photos. I love coming up with concepts that are off the wall Crazy Sexy some thing no one does. Why have some thing that makes you like everyone else?
I love to be my 3 O’s!


Open minded,


I love doing what I do and I would not trade it in for anything. I am passionate about what I do that is why I love to work with the best. I have to admit I have worked with fantastic photographers. I am inspired by some of the photographers I have been working with and have had conversations for shoots in the future.

One thing that you will love or hate about me is bluntness, yes i am honest, and i am direct, and i will get what and what i know i can have, and that is perfection. *If i try hard enough* Please dont hate me or think i am a mean person if you cant deal with it. I live for truth and if you cant listen to it, or speak it i wish rather not to be in contact with you thank you!

One person that inspired me was in 2001, when I spoke with Israel Colon, This man is a genius and I value his word. When I wanted to give up, he pushed me harder. Although he lives on the other side of the country I have the utmost respect for him and his work. So Thanks Issy for making a huge impact in my life! I got to love you for that!

But I love to just look at some one like Israel’s work and just feel this rush of passion for a photograph… I get excited when you tell me how cool it will turn out!!

Next, With in the trials and tribulation I have learned some thing new, came out with a new out look on life it self. And learned not to take things for granted or get over excited about the small things. I find my self-patient; I don’t mind staying in a pose for a little while. And when you say “still” that’s what you will get. I am open for makeup artist to do anything that will give a creative look, I am not push or bitchy, I don’t think I am a diva so please don’t boost my ego and make me one. I get along well with other models, and try not to nibble them when I am starving cause I have not eaten that day… Joking! I eat! But I also love to spend 2 hours at the gym a night 5 days a week; in fact I am a certified personal trainer. So my body is a big thing to me!

Hope this gives you a little insight of what I am working with, I love to just go with the flow, and make things mellow, I like to feel the beat, and kick back my feet. Make my work the very best, and try not to mimic the rest. I have my own style with what I do,
Just curious, do you?

(Rates for promo’s differ so please contact me the date the locations they pay and the times) I do have my rates located below so please advise. If you would like to work with me you contact me directly through the web page or Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Dancing: Tahitian, Polynesian, Hula, Latin, ballet, hip-hop Dancer

Some people I look like are: Angelina Jolie, Eliza Dushku

Some nationalities I can look like are:
Mexican, Native American, White, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, Brazilian, Puerto Rican.

My Age Range I can look is:

Casual - 70-120 an hour
Fashion - 80-120 an hour
Editorial - 70-120 an hour
Portraiture - 80-160 an hour
Swimwear - 80-180 an hour
Glamour - 80-200 an hour
Art nude - 120- 200 an hour
Implied nude - 100-180 an hour
Runway - 50-120 and hour and Select TFP's
Native work/ clothing lines- Select TFP's
Promo- Depends on Assigment
Art- Depends on Assigment

Please contact me for any additional information or comments and I am always open to suggestions in alot of areas. Dont feel as though you may offend me cause I am open to hear what you think.




Promo agencies I have worked with:
In Any Event Promos
Candy Ford
Finest Models
Hot Import Nights
Envizion Models
GM Marketing
ASAP Models
Afinity Model
Events& Promotions
MarketingModels World Wide
MEGA Productions, Inc
CG Marketing
Universal Lifestyles

Promo Companies I have worked for:
Mossy Nissan

Magazine that I have been featured in:
Ski& Sport
Surfer (Wave Girl)

Runway Shows Preformed:
Urban Effect
MaX Bikini
HomeTown Prom
Your Bridal
YR Style Urban Fashion

Trade Schools:
Barbizion Modeling School 2001

Editorial Work:
Hear Muff

DVD Work
"How To Get Layed"

Print work:
John Hancock OMP # 1545
Todd James OMP # 4269
Jay Reilly OMP # 20649
Rob Martin OMP # 10004*
Paul Robison OMP # 3154
Clark Hampton OMP # 1671*
Steve Batianga OMP # 22395
Mark MaGrath OMP # 23910
Ransissco- "Jessyka is a pleasure to work with. Not only is she gorgeous, but she brings intangibles to the shoot that makes every shoot with her memorable. Her professionalism as a model and her outgoing and light-hearted personality makes her a model I love to work with time and time again." OMP # 7208***
Orlando Perez OMP # 8281
Alan Cunanan OMP # 37881
Mike D OMP # 17993
Cora Lynn OMP #42407
Different View OMP # 23449*
Amie Photography OMP # 55372*
Border Line Productions- What a shoot , her awesome attitude made for a great experience. OMP # 37325
WMC Photography OMP # 16365
Eckert Photo Imaging-We had a fantastic time working with you. You where Extremely professional but also had an enthusiastic personality, which is a great mix to have in modeling. OMP # 38683*
Mark Wangerin Photography OMP# 95099
Anthony- I had a wonderful time collaborating with you during your visit to Chicago. Your energy and enthusiasm were instrumental in achieving the quality of work produced. I would be more than happy to shoot with you anytime. Keep up the great work!- OMP # 6454
Adam Rowell OMP # 61680
Andy Tran
Robert M
Sergio Puc
Jonny Olsen omp 1082
Rich D omp 120

Photographer Desired to Work with TFP
Fotografia OMP # 5524
Anthony Cramer OMP #30753
Moryskova Photos OMP # 58274
*** Kade Lam OMP # 4067 ***
Seth Barlow OMP # 40108
Ian ethan vloke-wurth OMP # 678
MiamiGlam OMP # 62636
Eric Cahan OMP # 36702
*** David H Muir OMP # 7877 ***
*** Steven Krause OMP # 3848 ***
Eddie Baute Photography OMP # 9685
Vixen9 studio OMP # 22877
Neriah Fox OMP # 82068
Vitti Photography OMP # 35827
Justin Grant Photography OMP # 36744
Derek Caballero OMP # 19038
Visualclash Omp # 49156
kmax photography OMP # 41775
Infusion Foto OMP # 6338
Christine OMP Model # 35544
Justyna OMP Model # 75503
Bruce Brandon Photography OMP# 40592
Louis Gabriel
Max V. Photography OMP # 7927
Heather Dellinger- OMP # 6966

Interested in:

  • Art
  • Print
  • Runway
  • Commercial
  • Headshot
  • Video
  • Swimwear
  • Lingerie
  • Nude
  • Glamour
  • Other
  • Mediums

    Recommended by:

    Beautiful, articulate and bursting with talent. Jessyka is a natural in front of the lens!
      - Leila (Model)
    Jessyka is the total package: she's professional, has the right attitude, and of course, is a total hottie.
      - Amy Dunn (Model)