Jeri Lynn

Hot Springs, Arkansas
United States
Hot Springs, Arkansas
United States

Jeri Lynn

I am a full time student at Henderson state and I also work full time in retail sales. Though it sounds like I don’t have much free time; if I have some notice I can work almost anything into my schedule.

My look is very versatile
I can be very edgy and high fashion
Pretty girl next door and commercial
Hardcore Goth or beauty queen
Whatever you want I can do it
I’m no Diva
I am very lighthearted and fun
With a ridiculous since of humor
By the end of the shoot I guarantee you will be crying with laughter
But its not all fun ‘n games
I will do what I’m told without complaints
And get the job done as quickly
And get it done well

I can also do my own hair & make-up (but I love working with talented MUAs)
And I can buy or create my own wardrobe

I am looking to build my portfolio with amazing images done by photographers like you
I am interested in doing:
-High Fashion
-Black & White

Some Projects I have In Mind
That would be awesome-
-Underwater shoot
-wild animals (elephants and SNAKES …ect)
-flying/ superhero (with wires)
I Have No Fear

*-*- No TFP/TFCD Nudes*-*-
If you are interested in using me for a nude or implied nude project.
Please send me an email to enquire about my rates
They are very reasonable
**Note: I do not to erotic/fetish nudes

**If you email me and I dont respond, it is probably because;
-You type like this "If u r ntrested plz let me no n we can go 4rum there." (real email quote)
-oR yOu TyPe lIkE tHiS
-your photos are not good, all animals, plants, buildings, ect.

Body Mods:
I have one small 3x3 tattoo on my upper back

If You would Like to know what days/times I am free to shoot Please visit My MySpace (link at the top) and click on "You want to Shoot?" on the top right

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in working with me
please include with your email
-your name and company name (if applicable)
-a brief project description (i.e. content of shoot, intended usage, etc.)
-compensation offered
-location and time
-any release/contract involved

Contact Info:
-Phone Number: By Request

--Jeri Lynn--