Hello! My name is Jari and I am a 17yo Uni student. I work casually as a glassie at the Hotel Richmond in Rundle Mall but have always been interested in modelling.
I did a 16 week modelling course through Tanya Powell Model Agency, it was a great experience (although I didn't know it at the time), and would love to do some catwalk modelling as well as photographic.
As far as I have seen, the best photos have awesome poses and unique ideas. I am more than happy to get into uncomfy positions, climb stuff in my heels, lay in the dust and anything else to help get an impressive image, because if we can't get that...well what's the point?
As far as payment goes, I'm happy doing TF* to build up a portfolio. Paid work fully appreciated of course!

I look forward to being able to work with some of the great photographers on here and update my portfolio. I haven't had much experience yet but I am dedicated, down to earth, and awesome. True fact.
Ideas for shoots I'd like to do:
- Something a wet, rainy setting, maybe in a garden or something when raining... Not good for cameras though... I love the rain though.
-Sunset beach shoot, preferably something original...
-Urban, middle of the city type thing
-Contrast, white dress in a gritty environment, dark/gothic in a pretty red brick street, etc.
-Adelaide Festival Centre has some interesting architecture that can be made use of
-I'm a bit of a tomboy, so if you want me to break out the camo pants, I will!
-Something to do with bubbles...or bubblewrap... (not as clothes though!)
-Teddy bears! I have quite a collection that can be used. :D
-Would love to do some work in a natural environment, like the Adelaide Hills or some kind of forest setting.
Just some foundations, any photographers more than welcome to build on that. Other ideas more than welcome, except lingerie, overly sexual (in clothes or attitude) and nude, implied or otherwise.

If anyone is in a photography group and need a model, I am definitely up for it, as long as I don't have any previous commitments that can't be rearranged. :)

Another important thing is that someone will always be coming with me to the shoot (unless it's for a camera club), generally my mother, who is happy to sign any model release forms etc that you might have. She's also really good at holding stuff for you.

You can email me at jaricmodelling@hotmail.com, or message me here.

Thanks and I look forward to working with you!

***Note*** If we are talking about working together and you do not reply to a message, I will wait a week before sending a follow up message asking whether we are still working together. If you change your mind and do not want to work with me, no problem, but I would like some kind of courtesy message to let me know. Thanks.