Jamie Reyn

Iowa City, Iowa
United States
Iowa City, Iowa
United States

Jamie Reyn

I'm 21 years old. I go to school full-time during the winter months, but now that summer is here I am free of class and have much more time to dedicate to modeling.

I started modeling a little when I was about 14 and 15 but have gotten back into it over the last couple years. I have had a lot of different experiences, mostly in Fashion, Beauty and Casual. Every experience is different and every photographer is interested in different looks and styles. I like to try my best to meet their expectations so I that I can help produce the image they are hoping for. I am still an amateur so I enjoy taking direction from the photographer. I am only interested in TFP/CD shoots right now because I would really like to expand my portfolio. If you are interested in setting up a shoot please feel free to contact me with the details.

------Contact Info------
or you may send me a message through MM or OMP
I will try to get back to you at my earliest convenience.

**PLEASE include when contacting me:
-Date you are hoping for and preferably well in advance.
-Location & Compensation
Depending on the location I would appreciate
compensation for gas if I am going to need to drive very
-Length of shoot

**NOT willing to do:
-I'm sorry but I'm not interested in any porn, bondage, or lingerie shoots. I do love art and am sometimes willing to do body paint or artistic nude, but this is only with photographers I have worked with before and trust. Photography is an art form as is modeling, I love getting beautiful shots, but it's easy to tell which photographer is an artist and which one is just a pervert. This is why I prefer to shoot these particular styles with photographers I trust, because I know they are artists, very talented ones.

Thank you for checking me out and I look forward to hearing from you!