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Dickinson,Texas City, Texas
United States
Dickinson,Texas City, Texas
United States

JadedKitty's Portfolio

Please read all of it...

***Note to Photographers as of Sept-Oct 07:
I'm doing TFP/TFCD projects on the agreement in the release that both I and the photographer have equal rights to the photo, that way I can use them for either of my sites.
But, I'm looking photographers with interesting sets, awesome bathrooms, and know of nice private outside places and abandoned buildings. Thank You***

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE EMAIL ME AT jadedkitty@gmail.com IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN WORKING WITH ME. I don't check this account often and for some weird reason I don't get the emails either.

I've wanted to model since I was 4 or 5, I begged my parents to let me, at about 6 they sent me to a school for modeling. I've loved it ever since. I've been doing off and on all my life though I have no past photos from when I was little they where lost. I love modeling, it's a joy for me.. I love seeing the results that come from it and being amazed at the pictures.. I love working with new photographers, I'm told I am very versatile, a blast to work with, very professional, and easy to work with..I like writing poetry, writing in an online private/public journal, reading (I read alot of books), swimming (if I could, movies (Horror is my favorite), and many other things.

Few things to remember, I have to know a good week ahead of time for a shoot. And I'm avaliable most weekends, just let me know. I may or may not have transportation at that time. And I may or may not wish to bring someone with me.

Please contact me for more information. Thank you.
Questions I've been asked recently
Ethnicity is set as Other because I do not know all of mine, all I can say is I'm multi racial.

Complaints about my pictures are ignored. However suggestions are welcome and constructive critisim (sorry if I spelled that wrong).
If you have any other questions please ask me, but be nice.

No I do NOT do Adult Movies, or adult web videos.
No Masturbation
No Penitration
No Sex
No Implied Sex
No Oral Sex

I know it's hard to get a hold of me, but if you want to work with me just bear with me... I don't get on this site alot. This doesn't mean that I don't want to model, it simply means I'm trying to make a living.

If you've read this far, you should know that I will not pay a photographer to take pictures of me if this insults you I'm sorry it is not ment that way. Thank you for taking the time to read this.