Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
United States
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
United States


Hi, my name is JR Phoenix thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read my profile and see what I have to offer creatively.
I'm a mature model who thinks of herself as friendly and open minded and I'm available for everything from contemporary clothed to specialized fetish work. Modeling for me is about having fun and personal expression and I make every attempt to make each and every shoot an enjoyable experience for both my photographer and myself. Admittedly in one sense I'm sort of 'old school' when it comes to intimate wear, I'm a garter belt and stockings gal all the way because I think these items give a woman a far sexier look and evoke 'naughty' memories of days gone by; on the other hand though I have a daring and experimental side also. I'm open to entertaining any concepts and ideas a photographer may have as long as it's done in a tasteful, artsy form.
I appreciate the diversity that our world has come to accept: I'm open to working with partners of any race, age, gender or sexual orientation as long as our collaboration is of a tasteful, classy nature.
I'm primarily available on Sunday and Thursday only for photo shoots since I do still work a full time job, but I try to be flexible to work within a photographers schedule when necessary. I am based in Southeastern Wisconsin near the City of Lake Geneva and I am available to travel for interesting concepts and paid assignments. Just an FYI, I always bring an escort along to shoots, at least on our first time working together: he will stay and assist with wardrobe changes to keep the shoot flowing or with any necessary positioning assistance, assist my photographer in various ways as needed or, as long as I'm comfortable with the surroundings, he'll leave until I'm done working; this is always left to a photographer's preference and needs.
In closing, I've embarked on this endeavor in an attempt to express the sensual appeal of the mature female because although we may be aging, we're far from dead. Hopefully, along the way my work will change an opinion or two on what 'beauty' is and of age stereotyping. When all is said and done and the time comes that I decide to settle down and finally grow up I want to be able to look back on my life and say "I did that."
Thank you again for taking the time to suffer through my rambling dissertation and if you have any projects that you think I may work well for please, by all means, e-mail me and we can hash out the details.


Things I'd Like To Do or Do More Of:
Couples work - male/female, or female/female. Lifestyle - Because of my personal naturist lifestyle preference, I'd love to do more work in this genre outdoors and of course also my ever expanding journey deeper into Fetish work. Other - Something that I haven't had the opportunity to do, but aspire to attempt, is pin-up work; these images are so excitingly 'suggestive' and often express such wonderful historical connotation of importance.

Internationally published in N Magazine (the Naturist Society) Issue 32.0 Spring 2013.

Cover Model for the Flickr groups "The Model 50plus" and "Ladies . . . if you think you are beautiful, then show the world".

Life Model for Figure Studies Session - Bright Red Studio Madison WIsconsin