Isabel Aurora

Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
Greensboro, North Carolina
United States

Isabel Aurora

OMP# 187468

**Hello and thanks for checking me out! I am an aspiring model and I also have big dreams of being either an entertainment journalist (VH1,E!,etc) or a television VJ (MTV,BET,E!,VH1).

I am also looking for other models who would want to shoot with me! Male or female!

As you can tell by my profile, I am VERSATILE! I have experience in casual/swimsuit/lingerie/fashion/glamour/beauty/art/inside/ outside/upside down *haha*...You name it and I can do it (except nudes - sorry I know that when people throw that in - it can bug you *lol*. But I will do implied nudity with a select few).

But if you have a specific project in mind, I would love to hear about it! I enjoy it when I have the opportunity to try to create someone's vision. I love role playing!

Photographers I have worked with:

*Ariel David Winston Salem, NC
*Leo Avery Durham, NC
*Mani Raleigh, NC
*Rick Crank Raleigh, NC
*Scott Kennelly Lighthouse Point, FL
*Chip Foust Asheboro, NC
*Araunah Winston Salem, NC
*Albert Bernal Maimi, FL
*Robert Watson Greensboro, NC
*Richard Ripolles Miami, FL
*J1S Photography Raleigh, NC
*TLW Photography Petersburg, VA
*Nyght Falcon Greensboro, NC
*JD Greensboro, NC
*JM Dean
*Michael Strider
*Jim M
*Marty Bialas
*Neal Banjeree
*Art by C
*Woody Vondracek
*Enter your name here *wink*

Makeup Artists I have worked with:
*Joanna Crowder
*Josie Christine
*Sam McCrea
*Deirdre Clay
*Kiesha Watlington
*Monica E

p.s. I would highly recommend any of the above photographers and makeup artists! I have been blessed because I have had amazing experiences with everyone I have worked with! I'm a lucky girl, no?