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Steve Linbeck

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About Steve Linbeck

Though trained in studio photography and in the various lighting and pose styles related to it I'm actually far more interested in producing images which are captured in a documentary style.

My documentary experience has left me wanting to photograph the person/model in a deeper and I believe more meaningful way than many general studio produced images allow.

When working on documentary projects I will often meet with the subject a few times to develop an understanding of who they are and how best to show that in the images. Its also important for them to have the time to get to know me enough so as to feel able to be themselves rather than meeting for the first time and them going straight into 'studio mode' as soon as the camera appears.

I don't want a model to model I want a model to be open, comfortable and natural for the camera to record who they really are. Achieving that effect/depth is very difficult when meeting a new model for the first time in a studio. How best to overcome that depends on the individuality of each model. Mostly it's about initially meeting for a few hours, chatting and taking a few general images without high expectations then sharing and using them to plan the main image making sessions, locations etc.

As well as the image making described above I'm also interested in producing images of scenes which are thought through, designed and constructed using the model/s, props, clothing and location. In this the scenes are constructed as statements/contrasts between skin/props, clothing/style, tension/relaxed etc. The scene is the main element and the camera is only used to document it, the camera working for the scene rather than the scene working for the camera.

I'm not interested in working with lots of models for the sake of shooting general images. My aim is to work with just a couple of regular models so as to get the best from them as they and my work develops.

Again my Wife will be attending all shooting sessions to assist.

If you are interested in any of the above lets chat, if you get a message from me please accept that I would very much like to work with you.

Steve Linbeck - Experience

Many years ago I was college trained in documentary photography then in lighting, studio and large format photography. I've since used that training to cover documentary projects for press publication as well as general and gallery exhibitions in this country and with refugees etc; in Europe. I've also spent time for a men's magazine, scouting, photographing and referring new female models to them for publication.

I'm now returning to photography after a few years break but at the moment I'm not interested in the long distance travel I did before.

I work with a professional Nikon digital camera a Nikon F5 film camera and share standard lenses between them. Though I mostly like using available natural light I can back that up with Metz45 flashguns, stands, reflectors etc.

I can produce general and classical portraits lit in the so called correct ways but no longer do so preferring to light to the individual .... I'd rather think that I'm lighting to the look not the book.

Please be aware that my Sharon my Wife, (the lady in these profile pictures) attends all meetings and photo sessions with me. She is there to assist the models and as well as driving she helps me with the planning, gear and organisation.

Interested in:

Portrait, Art, Journalism, Other, Figure Study



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