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atlanta, Georgia
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About iceman

Many people have asked for more about me and what attracts me to the kind of photography I do. This section is for them – I hope it will help you get to know me as the human being behind the photographs.

Since the beginning, I've always photographed females, I create when I feel a connection. A subject's shapes, colors, and form are my starting point To this end, I work with my subjects spontaneously, as I find them, and do all of my creative manipulation with traditional optics, in the field.

My creative process has never been easy; navigating the rapids of a fresh idea can be rewarding. Recent techniques have included designing in soft focus, and using my cropping skills to continue the photograph beyond the the norm. My current projects are fine art nude and I have come a long way toward creative expression.

MY style, and definition of what makes beauty is a colorful, diverse perspective of different shapes, textures and of course, light. my signature technique is my use of natural light. Preferring to sculpt images from what is natural versus what is man-made, I create from the soul, a sense of purity as old as the original elements of earth, wind, and fire.

The climb’s been arduous, extensive, yet well-worth the effort. I now share this wealth of experience and knowledge with my old and new friends and I continue my quest for bigger, better…always working to tap into the everyday and make it special.

iceman - Experience

Iceman Fotos is all about you. We like to create images rather than taking a photograph. We would like you to feel
as though you are acting rather than posing. We like to take photography to new heights, leaving behind all traditional trends and provide you with an unforgettable experience.

True art is made noble by the mind a re-creation of reality according To the artist. What I offer is Breathing room for the body...What I seek is free spirited models!

I am always looking for fine art nude models for Black and White photography celebrating the exquisite timeless beauty of the human form. I pay the industry standard.

Interested in:

Portrait, Art, Figure Study


Digital, Video

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