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Gonzo Grenouilles

Denver, Colorado
United States

About Gonzo Grenouilles

Excited to be part of MuseCube! I look forward to meeting some fellow artists and muses!

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Gonzo Grenouilles - Experience

I began my modeling career behind the camera. An avid photographer in high school, I spent a lot of time in dark rooms, processing photos of my friends who would model for me. It wasn't until senior year of undergrad that I became fed up with my own insecurities and decided to dive in head first and pose nude for figure drawing classes. Standing naked in front of an entire classroom was certainly a shock to my psyche, but a good one. I gained confidence in my body and it was noticed as teachers and students began requesting to work with me. I advanced to nude modeling in front of a camera and have continued from there. I now have done fashion shoots, runway, but my all time favorite it working with talented artists with a vision.

Also, if contacting me, please note: I find grammar and proper English syntax a turn-on. If you intend to request a "lingerie, sexy style" shoot with me, don't bother unless you have a true artistic vision that will shine through and not be simply uncouth, crass, smut. Anyone can do that playboy nonsense, so I prefer to work with artists who have a true concept of beauty, sex appeal, and offering to make the grace of the female form shine. Lastly, please don't offer a shoot in a rent-by-the-hour hotel room. That's sketchy.

The model is a part of the artistic process and I enjoy helping the photographer get the best shot possible. I am open to anything and love trying new things! Send me on new adventures!!!

A review from George Fargo, and my latest photo shoot:
"You really did a fantastic job. You gave me everything I wanted and more. You are a jewel!!! You have a very strong expressive face and your body is awesome; long limbs, slim and so flexible. You certainly know how to create visually interesting poses. It was hard for me to keep up, but that's good. You were very professional all the way through the process and that is rare. It was a pleasure to meet you and to work on capturing images that can be turned into art." - George Fargo

Name explanation:
Gonzo: 1) (n) Referring to "Gonzo the Great", the blue Muppet bird character
2) an exaggerated, highly subjective style. To utilize personal experiences and emotions to achieve an accurate representation of a phenomenon

Grenouilles: French. Circa late 1800s. "The term for flirty young girls...often part-time models, who spent their weekends at search of a drink, a song, a laugh...and generally pursuing another invention new to the working class: fun" - Christopher Moore, in Sacre Bleu

Interested in:

Art, Runway, Headshot, Nude


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