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Bozeman, Montana
United States

About Flower-Child

I get my name ďFlower-ChildĒ from my childhood for my love of everything beautiful around me. Every single flower, whether a red rose or a yellow dandy-lion weed. Every Blue sky still as radiant as the one before. I try to draw my inspiration for my art and modeling from the calm, real aspects of nature. I just recently got into yoga and have been practicing a little meditation here and there just to keep a level head.
Alternative Modeling had always been a secret interest for me. I grew up in a small town so I didnít have the opportunity to get into it. Plus I wasnít the ďmost prettyĒ girl in school either. I was into piercings and ripped jeans not short skirts and lip stick. I didnít even wear make-up till I was a senior in high school. Even when I moved up to Bozeman and met girls involved with the scene I still never thought I could actually BE a model. It wasnít until I joined the Modified Dolls, a non-profit organization that supports various charities, and landed my first photo in our published magazine did I actually think I could be a model. Now Iím going crazy for it! I want to get my name and art out there in as many ways possible. Art is my passion, my life. I want to become a better model, so I love any critiques and helpful suggestions!
As far as what kind of work Iím looking to do. Iím looking for expand my modeling ability so I really want to try new things! Iím very interested in Classic Pin-up modeling and any Alternative modeling. Iím not scared to go for the unreachable or trying something that may be controversial. I will do classy/artistic nudes but only after I've worked with the photographer before or if I know them personally/through a friend. I wonít show anything outright. Iím very easy to work with and take direction well. I love meeting/working with new people.
Right now when it comes to traveling, I will only travel if expenses are paid. Also, for my safety and comfort I reserve my right to an escort of my choice to the shoot.
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**All photos are copywrited by the photographers. No images are to be used with out the permission from the photographer and myself.**

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Professional Photography Work:

Robin Hickman Photography
Marshall Studio
Life is Great Images

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Art, Runway, Headshot, Video, Swimwear, Lingerie


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