Children Of Light Music Entertainment

Children of Light Music Entertainment has done it again, with the hottest reality series to ever premiere on broadcast television. Mr. Paul V. Norris & Shannon Johnson have heard the requests of aspiring Actors/Actresses.

We have successfully combined two multi-billion dollar money makers: film and music. Top film industry executives have already raved this show to be the next big thing in the entertainment industry
since "American Idol", "America's Next Top Model", and "Dancing with the Stars".

This show is where destinies are revealed and dreams are fulfilled for a life of health, wealth and joy. Primarily, this show gives several aspiring actors an opportunity to win a role in a major film with a
star-studded cast.

This exciting and creative reality series includes several noteworthy celebrities. For example, Denzel Washington, Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, and Matt Damon.

New Reality Series
Actors, Singers, Rappers and Music Producers
Play Your Part is a reality show in which aspiring actors will compete for a major role in a motion picture with a celebrity star-studded cast. In addition, the actors will join with an unsigned artists & music producers to compete against each other in 12 teams of 3 to create new music for the film’s soundtrack.

Children of Light Music Entertainment also provides away that unsigned Models, Recording Artist, and Actors/Actressess will have the opportunity to appear on the cover of FASHIONABLE FIGURES magazine. A monthly published magazine that expose anyone that has a desire to enter into the entertainment industry.