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Mark Henry

Benson/Raleigh, North Carolina
United States

About Mark Henry

Recently moved to the N.C [[Raleigh]] area. Open for shoots as I get the studio set up and cout out locatons.

Not much to say-I am fun to work with, will stress test your abilities and push you to the limits without crossing the lines.

You *WILL* get some unique art-the type art you hang for people to see and brag about for years to come after the glamour images are sitting in a closet.

Are there better photographers than me? Sure-but there are very few artists that can match me.

Go to them for the glamour and studio, come to me for the art and just damn different perspective. ;)

Mark Henry - Experience

[[I always wonder if I should do this in the third person...but, nahhh...]]

I have been photographing for twenty years. Had some issues-namely a part of my brain died along with my kidneys back in '01. This, however opened up a new world of creativity to me. Go check out my personal website to even try to understand.

I shoot art-when it is with a model it is erotic art. Period. I also do some creative work on the computer with images. I do some body casting-I have a few projects where I am casting breasts and vagina's. I will not explain this here but the finished creation is going to blow whomever does it away and become one of those things people will be talking about on the nightly news art section or whatever.

If you have the body and want to be more than a simple glamour girl and not into porn but sensuality does something for you then contact me. You have nothing to lose and the results are going to be awesome.

Bye for now-I have to get some more stuff ready for an erotic gallery in Nevada and Arizona because I am one of their top sellers. Showstopper apparently. :shrugs: I never knew until they told me.


Interested in:

Landscape, Art, Journalism, Other, Architecture, Boudoir, Figure Study


Digital, Alternative, Sculpture, Photography

Travel Schedule

No travel events scheduled.

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