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Christopher Jacobs

Lincoln, Nebraska
United States

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Christopher Jacobs - Experience

My name is Christopher S. Jacobs. I am a college graduate in the field of film and photography from Tempe Arizona. I am back here in Lincoln and wanted to arrange some shoots. I have an extensive portfolio and wish to continue building it wherever I am. My cell is (224) 200-1709.

My rules for shoots are as follows...

1. All models MUST have proof of ID and MUST sign a release prior to any shooting! !NO EXCEPTIONS!

2. I do not shoot with anyone under the age of 19.

3. When an agreement is struck I honor it and expect the same from the people I work with. If terms of an agreement change, I.E. Shoot time and date, please call me to reschedule. Don't just be a no call no show and above all! If that occurs, don't expect me to work with you in the future.

4. When brainstorming an idea for a shoot, don't think plans are set in stone. When a time and date are mentioned, then the agreement is made. Don't expect me to find time for you after a week of not communicating and no set plan when someone else was nice enough to give me the who, what, when, why, and how.

5. I do NOT pay models. I am on disability and cannot afford more than gas money. If you expect payment, please list that on your profile. I don't want to be surprised later.

6. If you list on your profile that you shoot nudes or have nudes in your portfolio, just know I will ask if an idea I have requires it. Don't list "Yes" and then say you don't. Or have them in your portfolio and say you don't. That is very misleading, disrespectful, and above all UNPROFESSIONAL! I am professional and honorable and don't wish to be lumped in with the lesser of my gender, thank you.

7. At a shoot I sometimes will come up with an idea right on the spot for a shot or pose. Again, if it involves nudity and you have them in your port, I will ask. I am an ARTIST, not a letch. How am I to prove myself if I am not allowed.

London Andrews (Austin, TX)
Katiie Star (Lincoln)

Ms. Stefy Ray (Des Moines, Iowa, Kansas City, Missouri, Omaha, Nebraska) 2616029

Future Playboy model Ms. Stefy Ray is a complete and utter pleasure to work with. She makes the whole photo shoot an experience to behold and not just another job. She is beautiful as well as intelligent. Each and every shot graced with her presence was a photographic masterpiece and every pose a work of art even without the lens of the camera's gaze. I would highly recommend this lovely young lady to any up and coming or professional photographer.

Interested in:

Wedding, Portrait, Landscape, Commercial, Art, Figure Study


Digital, Photography

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