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Highlands Ranch, Colorado
United States


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About Amber

Looking to work with photographers, models & stylist with a mature professional attitude. Ones who have a straight head on their shoulders. I work with different levels of photographers from Amateur to Professional. I am more then happy to work with students.

*Work I am seeking:
Fashion, Casual, Lingerie, Glamor, Head Shots, Editorial, Parts, Art, Swimsuit, Nude, Erotic, Fetish, Print, (!I don't do adult work!)

I am more then happy to do TFCD shoots. However, I am very selective who I work with. If you have a idea in mind be free to contact me to discuss it. If I can not offer my TFCD service to you I will offer you my rates and they are reasonable! But please don't let that stop you from contacting me. Everyone

*Tats: I have no tats.
*Piercings: Ears & belly button
*Major Marks, Scars, Etc: Chicken pock mark above my right eyebrow, Stretch marks on my hips, Left arm not fully straighten (can't tell unless I show you.) I also wear glasses, Nails professionally done.

Amber - Experience

*Photographers(P), Stylist(S) & Models(M) I've Had The Pleasure To Work With:
P 1. Craig B. "EMB Images" OMP#30704 (2x)
P 2. Rob Allen OMP#26942 (1x)
P 3. Robert Tavernier MM#25463 (4x)
P 4. Robin Briggs MM#883 (1x)
P 5. Alberto Leopizzi MM#893 (2x)
P 6. Carlton Snider MM#10142 (1x)
P 7. Greg Sprenger OMP#24360 (1x)
P 8. Amanda Tipton "MuseCube.Com Member" (1x)
P 9. Phil Armstrong MM#28467 (1x)
P 10. Robert T. Yarborough MM#31653 (1x)
P 11. Martin McGuire MM#863 (1x)
P 12. Monk' MM#5636 (1x)
P 13. Pbkdigital MM#26993 (3x)
P 14. Barr Images OMP#11052 (1x)
P 15. Rick DeNooy OMP#45387 (1x)
P 16. John Allen MM#10998 (1x)
P 17. Isaac Madera MM#13822 (1x)
P 18. KEEN Photographics OMP#7419 (1x)
P 19. Sleepy Weasel MM#2321 (1x)
P 20. James Decamp OMP#1595 (1x)
P 21. MathUPhotography MM#318047 (1x)
P 22. Sensorial Images MM#318076 (1x)
P 23. Robert Johns MM#290743 (1x)
P 24. The James Studio MM#178516 (1x)
S 25. Moonshine MUA-SSC MM#231763 (1x)
P 26. Shane_Photo MM#155191 (1x)
S 27. Ejonn MM#318329 (1x)
P 28. Jaytee of (1x)
P 29. Gregory A Marscellus MM#318209 (2x)
P 30. Jessyel Ty Gonzales #61350 (1x)
P 31. Ron Weaver MM#502599 (2x)
M 32. Elizabeth CherryLust MM#514393 (1x)
S 33. J-Chans Designs MM#542467 (1x)
P 34. Laura Vasilion (Digital Dreams) MM#477219 (1x)
S 35. Sam (Bad News Dolls) MM#503980 (1x)
P 36. Tensile Strength Media MM#497356 (1x) Pictures coming in 2 Weeks!

*Shoots Booked:
12/22/07 J-Chans Designs MM#542467, Pam MM#534514 & Rico Mass MM#474671
1/06/08 Vandavauk MM#583917 & J-Chans Makeup MM#569152

*Out Of State Traveling:
I don't travel out of Colorado as I don't have the extra money to spend.

*Local Traveling:
Castle Rock-Denver only

*Times Available To Book Me:
I am only available on Sundays

Interested in:

Art, Print, Commercial, Headshot, Swimwear, Lingerie, Nude, Erotic


Travel Schedule

No travel events scheduled.

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